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Sunday, April 17, 2011

TLA 2011: A Photoblog Post

There is nothing like
the Texas Library Association Conference.

And there is nothing like going to TLA
in Austin!

Austin, Texas!
From my hotel window.

TLA always means fantastic authors.

And various odd creatures,
ready and eager to come to your library.

Even Wonder Woman,
making an appearance at the Capstone Breakfast.

Here we librarians sit,
awaiting the bats
arising from under a bridge over Town Lake.

My first political rally!
Two thousand librarians
on the steps of the Texas Capitol,
pleading with the legislators
to think about children.

My haul:
56 posters,
3 t-shirts,
12 tote bags,
2 stuffed animals,
1 puppet,
170 books!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

TLA 2010: A Photoblog Post

TLA 2010

Read among the Texas Wildflowers on the way to San Antonio...

Met some celebrities at the Davidson dinner...

Heard Scott Simon speak at the opening session...

Visited with some amazing children's authors...Eric Kimmel...

...Pat Mora, creator of
El día de los niños/El día de los libros (Children's Day/Book Day), known as Día...

Went to my first TLA committee meeting for El día de los niños... 

Won a medal in the librarian fun run...

Lots of dancing...

Can't be in San Antonio without going to the Alamo and taking the Riverwalk...

Had an opportunity to read with a new friend...

Ate some incredible bbq, though, fortunately, not on Bike Night...

Found a great new chicken puppet...

And brought home a few books for my library!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

TSS: Musings from the Library Conference

Some people I met at the conference....

Disappointment: I only came home with a couple of new author photos for my author tablecloth. The best was the author of the Black Lagoon series.

Surprise: I came home with 137 free books, uncorrected proofs, more than I've ever brought home from a conference. Rolly-carts were not banned until day three. No excruciating back pain from carrying a hundred pound of books for four days when you can push a rolly-cart. I've already started several of the freebies, including Absolutely Maybe (which is a resounding Yes! so far) and Tales from Outer Suburbia (loved the first little story). I will be reading the ones I like, taking some to pass on to good readers at my school, and passing some on here at my blog in the near future.

Spent Way Too Much Time: A skyscraper is going up across from the convention center. Three enormous cranes were working almost nonstop and simultaneously. If I looked very hard (and I looked very hard), I could see tiny people in the cabs of the cranes. Here's the the thing: those cranes are hanging there, a hundred feet above the fifteenth floor of this future skyscraper. That's way up there. And a long way down. How much do they pay those crane operators? I hope they are getting lots and lots of money.

Sign of the Times: As the vendors were tearing down the library conference, I started seeing the exhibit hall next door begin to set up...for a gun and knife show. High calibre guns, mind you. And there was a long line waiting outside a third exhibit hall. The people were waiting to buy tickets for the 25th celebration of Wrestlemania. Should I have tried to pass along some of my BookCrossing books to these folks?

And...BookCrossing: When I put out a call for books at BC for books to be released at the conference, I was hoping I might receive fifteen or twenty books. I received over 450! That meant I brought my rolly-cart filled with over a hundred books each day and distributed them. I heard over and over, "I love this idea." When I left the convention hall, all the books had been taken. And, so far, I've had two books logged in. That makes me very happy.

Finally, Pepe: Pepe insisted on coming home with me from the conference. He seems to like books. I think the kids in the library will love him.

My favorite sessions were 23 Things, Librarian in Black's Strategies for Staying on Top in the Library World, and Leaders in the Libraries. I'm coming back to my library with lots of new ideas in my brain!