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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bookr (Again!) I Love This!

Thing #11 1/2: Evaluation

1. What were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?
I liked each one equally. I haven't tried Skype as I have no one to call! (That seems to be the heart of all the tools of Web 2.0....It seems important to have friends to help you along through these.)

2. How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?
I'm feeling more and more comfortable with this new virtual world. I am so happy to have joined the blogging world; it has opened up so many book people to me! I will continue to try out these new tools at my library blog, next year.

3. Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?
I never thought about trying a PowerPoint with my guys. And I just assumed that Second Life was a fun program, but outside the parameters of library people. I love the feeling of using Web 2.0 tools in new ways. It makes me feel very creative.

4. What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?
Some links are dead. I originally started sharing the dead links with Vaughn, but I got overwhelmed with life and couldn't post much when I was out of state. I wish 11 1/2 had more encouragement of interacting as a group. Last summer, doing 23, I visited other blogs on a regular basis. I would like to do that here, too, as part of the program. We librarians get lost in our own little worlds and it feels great to share and borrow.

Thing #11: Digital Citizenship

Being a good citizen is at the heart of most of what I do in the library. I'm hoping to promote the creation of good people. Digital citizenship seems important.

I can see a need to encourage children to look carefully at information, wherever it is obtained. The first time this hit home with me was in an upper level history class in college. We were asked to read a book about a key figure in the Cold War era of America. The key figure was depicted as manipulative and cruel. Part of our assignment was, after reading the book, to look up information about the author. Very revealing. The author, it seems, is a Socialist who was harmed during the Cold War!

So, all sources of information---newspapers, books, encyclopedias, the Net---all should be carefully examined for truth and bias.

I will think out what possible lessons I could use with my bambinos on digital citizenship.

Thing #10: Second Life

Okay, I made an avatar named debnance Qarnac (if you want to befriend me) and I ended up in New Spain. (I'm trying to learn Spanish, so this seemed like a good idea.) There were three people walking around New Spain and they all started talking to me in Spanish. (They probably knew I was a newbie from my fumbling attempts to reply to them.)

I couldn't figure out where to go (it looked like I was on a boardwalk with big billboards) so I teleported to what appeared to be a bookstore. I never found the bookstore, but ended up walking around a beach where I was encouraged to try to make a sandcastle. I was out of my element, so I clicked out for now.

I would love to find a library and a guide. I have the feeling my friend K knows about SL. I will check it out!

Thing #9: Slideshare

I've never made a PowerPoint for school.

I'm thinking hard about this, but it seems to be true. Why?

I could see lots of ways to use these in the library. I just need to make a simple one that my kids could read and enjoy.

I didn't see many PowerPoints at Slideshare for little guys like the kids at my school. In fact, I didn't see any. Does that mean it's impossible? No, it seems like it would work well.

I need to give it a try. This summer, maybe?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thing #8: Screencast

Whew! This was tricky! Screencastle would record the cast and then play it, but I never successfully embeded it in my blog. I could not get the Jing to record my sounds. It recorded the movements fine.... Eek. Technology. Always expect problems.

Thing #7: Video Resources

Our kids live in a world of videos. How many times have I told kids about a story only to have someone say, "I saw that movie!" Eek! So I approach videos with caution. Kids are already watching, passively, too many videos. If I am to use videos, it is to promote active use of videos.

I found so many great videos that I could use in our school next year that I'm a little overwhelmed.

Here are two great video search engines that will work well at my school:



Thing #6: iTouch Apps

I've had an iPhone for, let's see, all of three months and I'm still in love.

No, I couldn't receive e-mail when I was out in the middle of Nowhere, Utah a week ago, but who could? And that's been my only difficulty.

What do I do with my iPhone? E-mail, of course. Connect to the Web. Approve blog comments. Find a good place to eat. Scramble. Read books on the Kindle app (though I prefer the Kindle because of the size of the page and the length of the battery). Listen to music (occasionally). Make calls (especially when lightning knocked out our home phone...again). Take pictures (a few, because they cannot-apparently-be removed). Twitter to see what others are doing. Facebook.

Okay. I use my iPhone a lot.

How could students use it?

First, we would need the technology. Not sure iTouch is a great tool for five-year-olds. But, hey, who knows? Who would have thought we'd have two-year-olds using computers?!

Monday, June 29, 2009

#5: Microblogging (aka Twitter and Facebook)

I've been at Facebook for several months. It was my cousin who got me started. She is older than I am (and that's OLD!) but she used Facebook and recommended it to me as a way we could stay in touch.

I joined Facebook reluctantly. At first, it was tough to find friends. The only friends I could find were my son's age. And it struck me as a little silly...."Would you be my friend?"

But now I've been using it a while and I've found it's an easy way to stay in touch with people I don't get to see as often as I would like to. I have relatives who are friends. I have book friends who are friends. I have fellow librarians who are friends. I have old friends who are friends.

I look at what others are doing and I see what others are reading and I post a little about myself and I post pictures and I see others' pictures.


My name at Facebook is Debbie Ashley Nance. I am always happy to have new friends.

Now, Twitter....Well, that's a different story. I signed up for Twitter a while back and I rarely look at it. I haven't really found that many people I am eager to follow at Twitter, I think.

My name at Twitter is debnance. Again, I would love to follow and be followed by those who are interested in libraries, books, reading, puppets, teaching, and technology.

Thing #3: Skype

How can I use Skype and Skype-like tools in the library?

1. I would love to hold meetings using WizIQ. Would others be amenable to this? Would it be possible to participate in district meetings or school meetings this way and, at the same time, accomplish needed library tasks?

2. I wonder how a teacher at our school could use Skype in connection with her Flat Stanley project.

3. Could ESL students benefit from Skype-ing with others?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thing #4 (The Rest): Videos and YouTube

Videos are compelling to the children at my school.

I made my first video and posted it to YouTube while we were in Utah. It took me forever to upload it here on my blog. Not sure why. I had no success and then finally changed the format. Finally, the video took.

The video is of my husband looking for topaz on Topaz Mountain. He appears to be laying on his back while he is topaz hunting, but this is the result of my poor video skills.


Thing #2 (the rest): Bookr

Ah! People can take photos and then publish them in a small book!

Here are my little books on Utah: (first attempt) (with words, too)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Library 2Play 2: Thing #1

The Networked Student; The Movie )

Yes, isn't that what we all want?

Can you imagine a world where kids grow up with this kind of education? Where kids become adults who love to learn? Where these adults spend their work time and their free time working with others and exploring their passions?