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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thing #4 (The Rest): Videos and YouTube

Videos are compelling to the children at my school.

I made my first video and posted it to YouTube while we were in Utah. It took me forever to upload it here on my blog. Not sure why. I had no success and then finally changed the format. Finally, the video took.

The video is of my husband looking for topaz on Topaz Mountain. He appears to be laying on his back while he is topaz hunting, but this is the result of my poor video skills.


Thing #2 (the rest): Bookr

Ah! People can take photos and then publish them in a small book!

Here are my little books on Utah: (first attempt) (with words, too)


Exclamation points are overused, they say.

I will allow the Utah! license plate its exclamation point. It is justified.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thing #4: (A Little) The King's English and (Mostly) Topaz Mountain

We arrived in Utah on Monday afternoon and where was our first stop? The King's English Bookstore in Salt Lake City. I finished two books on the plane and was desperate for more books.

(Aside: Why is it that Salt Lake is everything I thought San Francisco would be and wasn't? Kind, friendly people. Clean. Cool but not cold.)

I requested a book with a Utah (Utahan?) author and the bookshop help showed me several great choices. I ended up with A is for Arches (a Sleeping Bear children's alphabet book) and Refuge by Salt Lake author Terry Tempest Williams.

Warning: Stop reading here if you care not about life outside books.

We spent yesterday and today collecting sunstone and topaz and Apache tears. Fabulous. We'll be taking oodles of sunstone and oodles of topaz and oodles of Apache tears home with us.

Here's a video I shot of mi esposo:


Wouldn't kids love to see a video they'd created online or posted on my library blog?!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back in the Saddle

I've been MIA for a bit...end of school...library inventory...traveling to Dallas...summer job...Relay for Life...getting ready to leave tomorrow for Utah....but I'm finally back in the saddle, figuratively speaking, in my reading.

And I'm about to climb back in the saddle, literally, when we head off to Utah. Utah presented a challenge to me. I always find some books set in the place we're going to take along with me for my trip. Utah was tough. I finally found a Louis L'Amour western and a Magic Tree House western (in Spanish). I'm bringing along Roughing It to release there, but I've already read it. And I found a children's nonfiction book (copyright 1963) about Utah.

And that's it.

Surely there are other Utah books?!

In the last few weeks, I have finally finished Home by Marilynne Robinson, a Magic Tree House book in Spanish), Nick Hornby's Shakespeare Wrote for Money, and three books about yoga and meditation.

I had checked out Home when it first came out but turned it quickly back in, thinking it was too much like Gilead. The reviews for Home continued to pour in and all of them were good. So I went back to it. And loved it. Robinson knows the Prodigal Son.

Shakespeare Wrote for Money is a collection of Hornby's last columns for the Believer magazine. I'm glad he's given up on these. I must say I liked his earlier columns, but the novelty so vital to the appeal of his approach has dimmed with each column.

I've been playing around with yoga and Christian meditation in recent days. The three books I read all sent me off to try out some new poses, new thoughts. Worthwhile, I think.

So I'm off to Utah tomorrow. Hope I can find some charming bookstores there. I'm pretty sure I will be coming home with some beautiful rocks, some trilobites, and some great pictures...but I'm a bit worried about finding some books. Wish me luck.