Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Dinosaur Fossil Hunting in the Badlands of Montana

The only legal way to hunt for dinosaur fossils in the US is to hunt on private land.

We visited a fabulous ranch outside of Glendive in eastern Montana last week.
We saw right away that Glendive is the right place for a dinosaur fossil hunt.

We started with a short tour of what others have found on the ranch.

How about this dinosaur femur?

The ranch owner found this ostrich-like ancient creature.

Our guide instructed us on how to hunt for dinosaur fossils.

Then we were off in the ranch wagons for a hour-long ride to a distant part of the ranch.

The Badlands are rough country. 
The winds were whipping up to 40 mph. 
The temperatures rose up into the 90s F.

It was fun to meet our fellow fossil hunters and see what they found.

One of our fellow hunters, Breckin, has been fossil hunting several times.
He made a short video for us about how to get bone out of the rock.

We got pretty good at finding fossils (left to right): 
dinosaur bone (under screwdriver), plant impression, dinosaur tooth.

My husband has been wanting to come here for years.
He was little-kid-excited when he unearthed a dinosaur bone bigger than his hand.
Our guide helped him glue it and wrap it for the trip home.

What an adventure!

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