Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Classics Club: My One Year Anniversary

A year ago I decided to join The Classics Club.

What is the Classics Club? From the blog:

  • Choose 50+ classics.
  • List them at your blog.
  • Choose a reading completion goal date up to five years in the future and note that date on your classics list of 50+ titles.
  • E-mail the moderators of this blog ( with your list link and information and it will be posted on the Members Page!
  • Write about each title on your list as you finish reading it, and link it to your main list.
  • When you’ve written about every single title, let us know.
I compiled a list of the fifty classics books I wanted to read and jumped in:

The Classics Club: Fifty Classic(ish) Books I Will Read in the Next Five Years.

Now a year has passed. What has been accomplished by becoming part of The Classics Club?

  • I have read 33 of the 50 books on my list. 
  • Of the 33 books I've read, seventeen were five-star-reads. That is astonishing. Over half the classic books I read last year were excellent books.
  • Of the 33 books I've read, only one book was a two-star-read. That is astonishing, too. Only one book was a book that I found to be a book I would not recommend to others, a disappointing read.
  • I feel like I am an active part of the book blogging community. I am not a frequent reader of genre fiction, and I've had a difficult time in the last few years finding bloggers who take on challenging books. I've discovered some amazing bloggers through The Classics Club.
  • I feel like I have taken on a worthy challenge. I've read many books I never would have attempted if I had not joined The Classics Club.
  • I feel like I have freedom in the challenge, to choose the books I put on my list initially as well as to modify my list when I start a book and find it is not a book I am deeply interested in reading. I am able to focus on one of my primary interests in reading, to try to read as many classic children's books as I can, as well as also taking on adult classics.

How about you? 
Are you a member of The Classics Club?
If you are, are you pleased with your membership in the club?
If you are not, what are your reasons for not joining?
Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. 50 books in 5 years that is being generious, I would get though that many in less than a year. Not sure what classics I would want to read

    1. If you only read classics yes, same for me, as I usually read between 100 and 110 books a year. BUT for us book bloggers, it's always hard to find the balance in reading classics, and books that we've had on our shelves for too long, and new releases, to keep our reading feet both in the past and in today's literary word.
      As you can see, Deb does also try to keep very aware of books published recently, plus she's a judge for a children's book award, so I'd say kudos to her, this challenge is no mean feat in these circumstances

  2. I'm not a big classics reader. Although I'd love to read all of the Jane Austen books. I've only read one. You are doing great.

  3. Great progress! I haven't done any challenges in a couple of years, and haven't read classics since university and high school days. Maybe it's time.

    Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  4. Awesome! I need to start reading classic books again!

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog and join in this week’s Book Photo Sundays and Cover Spotlight!

  5. I think that I would love to take part in the Classics Challenge when I've retired, but given that I am writing seriously, working on a major editing project and have two part-time teaching jobs - I don't have the headspace to give such books the attention they deserve. Thank you though for explaining about this wonderful challenge:)) Something to look forward to when life slows down a bit, Deb. I think you've done brilliantly on this challenge so far, by the way - given just how many other books you've read and other activities you have been doing.

  6. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! You are doing very well! It got me curious, and I realized I joined on January 1st, 2016. That was certainly a great new year resolution! I got great news yesterday, when I was told I could count towards my total all the classics I have read since then, whether they were on my list or not - I have the bad tendency to read classics that are NOT on my list! SO, I'm only 8 titles away from my 50, and am looking forward to my 2nd list!

  7. I am not a member of the Classics Club as classics isn't a genre that works for me. But, you have done so well with it and it's awesome that so many were 5 star books!

  8. What wonderful progress on your goal. I used to read a lot more classics and literary fiction and need to make a better effort at choosing those books.

  9. I was a part of this years ago, but had to give up all the challenges when I went back to school. I just couldn’t give enough time to it. I’m happy to see that people are still taking part in this one!

  10. I think my problem was I put books on the list and then never really set out to read them. I also added more books without completing my first 50 books. Maybe 2019 will be the year I finally make a big bite out of the list.

  11. The Classics Club sounds interesting! There are so many classic books that I want to read "some day" but never actually try which is silly when the classics I have read (for example, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Dracula) I really enjoyed... I guess I'm just more of a genre fiction kind of reader but that's no reason for me to not slowly work my way through those 'bucket list' reads.

    Well done on reaching 33 out of 50! I hope the remaining 17 are as surprising and enjoyable. :)

  12. I joined the Classics Club in March of last year and really enjoy it. It's a great incentive to read classics. I tend to really enjoy the one's I've read and I wouldn't necessarily have picked them up if it weren't for the Challenge.

  13. It sounds like it really works for you. I have read most but not all of the classics I want to read when I was younger. There are a few I own and reread occasionally. I'm glad you are enjoying it so well. Anne - Books of My Heart

  14. I'm a member of the Classics Club but I haven't been as active as I could be. I need to refocus on classics as even when I've read one I didn't love it's always a worthwhile read.

  15. I'm not a member of the Classics Club, but I commend you for reading so many -- and enjoying so many. It doesn't surprise me that over half were ones that were excellent. You know how to select good books to read. I'm learning how to do that too, at least so far this year.

  16. So many five star reads..that is awesome. I think this is an awesome challenge!

  17. I AM a member of the Classics Club, and I love it too. I finished my first list of 50 books in right around 4 years and jumped right in again with another list of 50, which I'm a little more than half done with. I love that it encourages me to seek out those books that I've been meaning to read for years, but also lets me reread old favorites if I so desire.

  18. What an interesting summary. How do you keep track of what classics you've read and which ones were great? Whhhoooops, don't tell me...probably technology! LOL


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