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Hanukkah Nights
really liked it
Using only simple text and simple verse, Hanukkah Night delightfully shares the Hanukkah experience. The author also manages to include concepts of counting and ways of creating art. And she even makes it a good read-aloud for bedtime.
tagged: celebration, spirituality, children-s-books, art, and concept-book
Acorn Was a Little Wild
really liked it
Acorn was a little wild. Acorn didn't listen to the warnings of the other acorns. Instead, he jumped right into dangerous adventures. He didn't care; he gloried in the joy of all the elements of life. Acorn Was a Little Wild celebrat...
tagged: different-drummer, happiness, humor, inspiration, picture-book, and...
Ten Little Fireflies
really liked it
You've heard of counting sheep to go to sleep? How about counting fireflies? With pictures that almost seem to glow in the dark and gentle rhyming text, Ten Little Fireflies is a soothing way to ease young children into sleep. Slowly, o...
tagged: children-s-books and concept-book
Brush! Brush! Brush!
really liked it
Kids' poet Douglas Florian teaches the acquisition of toothbrushing skills in a powerful rhyme to our youngest people in this short board book. Florian shares the whole process but adds a charming element of fun. Kids will love learning ...
tagged: concept-book, children-s-books, and poetry
Undies, Please!
really liked it
Undies, Please! is a board book that perfectly captures in simple pictures and simple text the experience of potty training for our youngest folks. Any kid will identify with the struggle of learning to use the potty and the joy of doing...
tagged: children-s-books, humor, and inspiration
The Depth of the Lake and the Height of the Sky
it was amazing
The Depth of the Lake and the Height of the Sky is the reason I do the Cybils year after year...It's a book that hit me right in the gut, an amazing wordless picture book that celebrates the joy of being in nature. And I had heard nothin...
tagged: adventure, picture-book, nature, and happiness
Schott's Original Miscellany
really liked it
I used to be a huge fan of The Book of Lists series and The People's Almanac. This is a book from that lineage, but it's a tidy little hundred and fifty pages. The layers of the atmosphere. The order of English succession. Deities of var...
tagged: browsable and nonfiction
Man's Search for Meaning
really liked it
“We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be take...
tagged: disaster, inspiration, nonfiction, and the-classics-club
Children's Letters to God: The New Collection
really liked it
Aw, you can't help but be charmed by these letters to God from children.
tagged: philosophy, spirituality, and humor
Women of Substance
really liked it
by Revilo
Women of Substance arrived in the Small Books in a Small Box Bookbox today, and, hey, it's Nonfiction November, and this book is...well, kinda nonfiction. It's a collection of comics featuring women, and it's all in good fun.
tagged: humor and just-for-fun
Plain and Simple: A Woman's Journey to the Amish
really liked it
tagged: simplicity and spirituality
Dear Reader: The Comfort and Joy of Books
it was amazing
"Reading has saved my life, again and again, and has held my hand through every difficult time." Cathy Rentzenbrink tells the story of her life through the books she read. Even during the hardest times, it was books that pulled her thro...
tagged: books-about-books, inspiration, memoir, and reading
Hundred Years of Happiness
really liked it
An’s grandmother Bà seems to be retreating further and further from the world, and An and her grandfather Ông create a plan to bring her back to them. They decide to grow gấc fruits from seed and make Bà's favorite food from her wedding ...
tagged: essays, foodie, diversity, old-age, and picture-book
I Don't Want to Read This Book
liked it
"Let me make myself very clear. I don't want to read it." The reader makes him/herself very clear: The reader does not want to read this book. The reader does not like words. The reader does not like sentences. The reader does not like ...
tagged: reading, books-about-books, humor, and picture-book
In You I See: A Story That Celebrates the Beauty Within Us
liked it
"When I look at you I see Much more than meets the eye. I'm not sure how to list it all, But with this book I'll try..." The narrator compares the child to a tiger...a river...a oak tree...and to many more things in nature,...
tagged: children-s-books, poetry, picture-book, and nature
Everybody in the Red Brick Building
really liked it
Everyone in the red brick building was asleep. Until... WaaaAAH! Rraak! Wake up! Pitter patter STOMP! Pssheew! Everyone is awake with all the noises, and then slowly the nighttime sounds lull everyone back to sleep. A book that re...
Dinner on Domingos
it was amazing
“La comida siempre nos lleva a casa.” Alejandra loves going to her abuelita's home every Sunday with her extended family. As her grandmother says, "Food always leads us home." And it is true for Alejandra and all of the tios and tias ...
Abdul's Story
it was amazing
Abdul has lots of stories to tell, but he has trouble with writing and spelling---trouble just in getting the words down on paper. Then a real author comes to Abdul's school and shares his own troubles in getting the words down on paper....
tagged: writing, picture-book, and diversity
Berry Song
really liked it
In the land of the Tlingit people, a girl is guided by her grandmother to pick berries for her family to make into many useful things. Along the way, the girl learns about her place in nature and nature's place in her culture. And later ...
tagged: diversity, picture-book, nature, and inspiration
Doris' Dear Delinquents
really liked it
Doris' twenty-six children---yes, one for every letter of the alphabet---give her a lot of grief. But that's just what you might expect from the offspring of a gharial. But Doris knows a lot about young gharial and she just might know ho...
tagged: children-s-books and concept-book
Hey You!: An Empowering Celebration of Growing Up Black
it was amazing
Award-winning illustrator Dapo Adeola and eighteen other Black illustrators to celebrate the ways Black children can make their way through the difficulties and challenges that racism creates in our world. The illustrations are vibrant...
tagged: children-s-books, diversity, celebration, and picture-book
The Pigeon Will Ride the Roller Coaster
really liked it
It's always a happy day when the Pigeon is back with a new book. This time the Pigeon is making plans to ride the roller coaster. This is a more mature Pigeon than we have seen in years past, carefully anticipating what he needs to do---...
tagged: adventure, children-s-books, humor, just-for-fun, and picture-book
Little Buckaroo and Lou
really liked it
Little Buckaroo and Buckaroo's horse, Lou, count all the cowpoke things---boots, saddles, neckerchiefs, hats, harnesses---around them in this little board book. A first book for all the cowpokes in your life.
tagged: concept-book and children-s-books
Monsters Play... Counting!
liked it
A diverse group of monsters use rhyme to count to ten in this little board book. The text is simple and fresh and the monsters are surprising and fun.
tagged: children-s-books and concept-book
The Hair Book
really liked it
Covered hair, Bun Hair, Party Hair… No matter your hair—YOU are welcome anywhere! LaTonya Yvette, with bright colors and bold forms and vivid text, takes us on a journey through all the diverse ways hair can be featured in our world.
tagged: concept-book, diversity, and children-s-books
This Field Trip Stinks!
really liked it
"Dear Diary, This morning, Mr. Grizzly announced we're taking a field trip. I thought we'd study stars at the Planetarium or dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. But we're going to study plants and animals...IN THE WILD! Everyone wa...
tagged: picture-book, nature, and humor
Lupe Lopez: Rock Star Rules!
liked it
Lupe Lopez heads to kindergarten, ready to be a rock star, with a set of rules to guide her to her dream goal. But her teacher might have different rules for Lupe...Is there a way for both Lupe and her teacher to be happy? Lupe is a bol...
tagged: different-drummer, diversity, schools, strong-girls-strong-women, a...
Bug on the Rug
it was amazing
Pug is happily relaxing on the rug when along comes...Bug! And it isn't long before Bug takes over the rug. Poor Pug. What to do, what to do? It is up to Slug to help Pug and Bug figure out what to do on the rug. Lots of fun rhyme and l...
tagged: children-s-books, friendship, and humor
Counting to Bananas: A Mostly Rhyming Fruit Book
it was amazing
Oh, golly, I loved this one. It's a counting book, and we are counting fruit... Well, mostly fruit. As our narrator tells us, nothing really rhymes with figs. Can we blame the poor narrator when he resorts to throwing a few animals in t...
tagged: concept-book, children-s-books, humor, and picture-book
The Leaping Laddoo
really liked it
My teachers at my primary school loved classic folktales, and they loved to share other versions of classic folktales. The Leaping Laddoo is a well-thought-out, cleverly Hindi version of The Gingerbread Boy. It's full of all the details ...
tagged: folk-tale, foodie, and picture-book
Cookie Kindness
liked it
The cookies---chocolate chip, macarons, sugar, gingerbread, snickerdoodles, oatmeal raisin, pinwheels---proudly share their strengths. Sadly, they are quick to deprecate the plain cookie, but he stands up for himself and demands respect....
tagged: foodie, picture-book, and diversity
Amah Faraway
it was amazing
When Kylie goes to visit her Amah so far away, Kylie feels shy at first. Slowly, she becomes more comfortable with her grandmother. That's basically the story, but the book is really so much more than that. Amah Faraway is full of the l...
tagged: around-the-world, children-s-books, family, and relationships
Lizzy and the Cloud
it was amazing
Lizzy foregoes carousels and puppet shows in order to buy herself an old-fashioned cloud who she names Milo. She carefully follows the instructions for her young cloud, and together Lizzy and Milo spend many happy days together. But then...
tagged: children-s-books, friendship, imagination, humor, and picture-book
Love in the Library
liked it
Tama and George have been sent to live in an internment camp for Japanese-Americans during World War II. Tama runs the library, and George comes to the library every day. Before long, they begin to talk and soon they marry. Along with ...
tagged: libraries, relationships, war, and picture-book
This Is Music: Drums
really liked it
What is a drum? What kinds of drums are there in the world? Where can I find a drum? This board book answers all these questions and more. And keep turning the pages and you will find a drum of your very own. Drum fun for anyone who l...
tagged: children-s-books
You Are My Special Narwhal
liked it
You are My Special Narwhal is a book full of sparkles and rainbows, celebrating the uniqueness of each person with stars and lovely sea creatures. "My mighty miracle. My magnificent marvel."
tagged: celebration and children-s-books
Cat's First Baby
really liked it
Surprise! Cat's family suddenly has a new addition, and Cat is getting to know this new person as the new person is getting know Cat. A little board book that's just right for a baby or young child. Light and fun.
tagged: children-s-books and family
Dancing with Daddy
really liked it
Elsie is thrilled that soon she will be going to a dance with her Daddy. She's been practicing swaying in her wheelchair and she's picked out the perfect dress. Using a book filled with pictures and with gestures and smiles, Elsie lets h...
tagged: diversity, family, and picture-book
Ear Worm!
it was amazing
“Shimmy shimmy, no-sashay!” Little Worm is walking along with a song stuck in his head. Who put that song in his head? It's not Owl. His song goes, "Wave, wave, talking to the wing!" It's not Chipmunk. His song goes, "Chee, chee, chit...
Lone Stars
really liked it
Julian Warner thinks about the stories he'd like to tell his child about family. Lone Stars is a collection of stories about Julian's extended family, with stories about his grandparents, his parents, and the family of his spouse. The st...
tagged: diversity, family, fiction, and texas
it was amazing
Siddhartha wanders, becoming a seeker after truth, a poor contemplative, a rich man who looks for the sensual pleasures of life, a father trying to teach his son, and, finally, a man of wisdom. This is one of the most profound books I'...
tagged: the-classics-club
The Man Who Planted Trees: Lost Groves, Champion Trees, and an Urgent Plan to Save the Planet
liked it
“When is the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. The second best time? Today.” —Chinese proverb David Milarch, a nurseryman in Michigan, had a near-death experience, and an idea came to him. He felt led to find old, large, an...
tagged: nature, inspiration, nonfiction, and trees
The Love Hypothesis
it was ok
The less I say about this book, the better, I think. Some spoilers, possibly, but I wish I'd known these things going in. I didn't expect to *love* Love Hypothesis, but I didn't expect to dislike parts of it either. I disliked parts o...
tagged: science and relationships
Nigel and the Moon
really liked it
Nigel is having career week at school. But he's afraid of being laughed at---What will the other kids say when he tells them he wants to be a superhero? And his parents' jobs aren't anything special...Instead, Nigel tells the moon. Ways...
tagged: work, purpose, picture-book, and inspiration
Climb On!
really liked it
The young daughter leads the way, while the dad somewhat reluctantly follows along, in this hike to the top. You will feel like you are hiking with the two of them as they travel through the dense jungle, go up a shaky ladder, slip on ...
tagged: adventure, nature, and picture-book
All That Is You
really liked it
Alyssa Satin Capucilli has written an ode to the ones we love, a song for all those we care about, a poem to celebrate the people we adore in this picture book, All That is You. Here. Listen to a bit: "You're the sunflower in my garden...
tagged: celebration, poetry, and picture-book
Old Friends
really liked it
Marjorie longs to make some new friends with whom she can share her love for gardening and baking and knitting. She's delighted when she sees a sign at the community center where people can talk together about gardening and crafting and ...
tagged: old-age and picture-book
liked it
A sliver of moonlight moves through the forest, down a river, into a valley, until it finally reaches your neighborhood and your room...and softly fades away... A glimmer of a story, following a beam of moonlight. Beautiful illustration...
tagged: nature and picture-book
First Notes of Spring
really liked it
Juniper hopes to be part of the orchestra that welcomes spring and melts away winter, but Mr. Moose finds her too loud. Off Juniper goes, and she soon meets others who are equally loud and vigorous. Before you know it, winter has begun t...
tagged: animals, different-drummer, and picture-book
A Magic Steeped in Poison
it was amazing
"They say you can spot a true shénnóng-shi by their hands—palms colored by the stain of the earth, fingertips scarred from thorns, a permanent crust of soil and blood darkening the crescents of their nails. I used to look at my hands w...
tagged: sci-fi-fantasy, young-adult, quest, and magic
Midnight and Moon
really liked it
Moon cannot see but he hears things other horses miss. Clara cannot speak but she hears things other children miss. When a snowstorm threatens the herd of horses, Moon and Clara work together, using the strengths they each have, to ove...
tagged: diversity, healing, picture-book, and relationships
Don't Eat Bees: Life Lessons from Chip the Dog
really liked it
Chip the Dog has been around for seven years, but that's like fifty in human years, and Chip knows some things which he is delighted to share with us: Chip knows to eat important papers of small people because then they will have to stay...
tagged: humor, picture-book, and children-s-books
Noodles, Please!
really liked it
For a quick tour of noodles eaten around the world, you can't do better than this little board book. Illustrated with an iconic picture of each dish and described in a brief sentence, this is a great introduction to noodles for the very ...
tagged: foodie, children-s-books, and picture-book
Odd Birds: Meet Nature's Weirdest Flock
it was amazing
Odd Birds introduces young children to some of the strangest birds in the world, first with just a sentence, and then with more detailed information. Just the right amount of quirkiness to inspire some new birders among the young...
tagged: birds, nature, children-s-books, and picture-book
Hello, World! Garden Time
really liked it
Hello, World! Garden Time covers all the basics of gardening---how seeds are planted and how they grow, the parts of plants, interactions of plants with earthworms and pollinators. It's a lovely way to share the joy of gardening with you...
tagged: gardening, children-s-books, and nature
Why, Daddy? Why?
really liked it
A little bear questions his dad with the perpetual inquiry of early childhood: Why? And the little bear's wise parent answers every question thoughtfully and lovingly. A lovely story for all our little questioners out there, brimming o...
tagged: family, picture-book, and parenting
Redlocks and the Three Bears
really liked it
There's a knock on the door and the Three Bears are surprised to find Little Red Riding Hood standing on their step. Little Red Riding Hood is fleeing the wolf and the Three Bears offer her shelter. But the Big Bad Wolf is sad and discon...
tagged: folk-tale, picture-book, and humor
A Family Looks Like Love
really liked it
Sutton Button is saddened when others tell her that she doesn't look like her siblings, that she doesn't belong, and she attempts to change her appearance to more closely resemble them. But her attempts fail. It is only after she has a t...
tagged: animals, family, and picture-book
The Marriage Portrait
it was amazing
Lucrezia has always been a difficult child. When she is asked to marry the ruler of Ferrara in the stead of her dead sister, she begs her father to allow her to remain with her family in Florence. But the wedding takes place anyway, and ...
tagged: historical-fiction, italy, relationships, and strong-girls-strong-w...
Dog & Hat and the Lost Polka Dots
really liked it
Dog and Hat must find Dog's missing polka dots and, in order to do so, they must travel down into the dangerous sewers below the streets and confront a dangerous alligator. Adventure...action...humor...this little easy reader has it all.
tagged: adventure, friendship, graphic-novel, humor, and children-s-books
The Big Scream
it was amazing
No more cookies and...oh's coming...oh no...yep, it's the big scream. This delightful little board book shares a tried-and-true strategy to teach children to calm themselves down when things get too much for them. And it jus...
tagged: children-s-books and healing
Absurd Words: A kids’ fun and hilarious vocabulary builder for future word nerds
it was amazing
I couldn't resist checking out this book once I heard about it from a fellow blogger. Here's the pitch: "There are over a million words in the English language, but the average person only uses 2%(for the math-challenged among us, that'...
tagged: word-play, nonfiction, humor, imagination, and inspiration
Everything in Its Place: A Story of Books and Belonging
it was amazing
Nicky prefers to shelve books in the library rather than participate in the rough-and-tumble play of the playground. Then the librarian tells Nicky that she will be gone for the following week to a conference and Nicky is filled with ner...
tagged: books-about-books, friendship, libraries, and picture-book
A Spoonful of Frogs
really liked it
If you are looking for a Halloween read-aloud for those of us who like to celebrate the holiday for its magic and fun more than for its scariness, then look no further than A Spoonful of Frogs. It's a charming recipe for a witch's favori...
tagged: humor, celebration, magic, and picture-book
Cornbread & Poppy
really liked it
Cornbread and Poppy are friends. But they are very different. Cornbread has prepared for winter. Poppy has not. How will Poppy make it through the winter without food? How can Cornbread help her? A gentle story for easy early chapter r...
tagged: friendship and children-s-books
Freedom! The Story of the Black Panther Party
really liked it
The Black Panther Party! As a child and as a young person, I was terrified of the Black Panther Party as they were presented to me on the nightly news. Armed. Angry. They were shown to me as Very Scary People. How different is this acc...
tagged: diversity, history, nonfiction, and young-adult
And We Rise
it was amazing The story of the Civil Rights Movement in America is told through powerful and poignant poems. Read it. Just read it.
tagged: diversity, healing, poetry, young-adult, word-play, and social-justice
it was amazing
Javier Zamora tells the grueling story of his seven-week journey as a nine-year-old boy from El Salvador to the United States. It's a story of frightening boat trips, sudden police appearances, debilitating desert crossings, and arrests....
tagged: diversity, spanish, and on-the-road
Doggo and Pupper Save the World
it was amazing
Pupper really wishes he could be a hero like Wonder Dog. Is there a chance he could be? It would be fun to be a drummer like Doggo, too. But maybe some (like Cat) prefer quiet music. A wonderful easy early chapter book for our younges...
tagged: children-s-books, friendship, and mood-boosting-books
The Aquanaut: A Graphic Novel
really liked it
It's the art of this book that captivates me. Who better to do a graphic novel than this author who wows me every time? Sophia's father was lost at sea doing the work he loved, with sea creatures. Since then, Sophia's uncle has tried to...
The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza
it was amazing
My grandma's loose tooth! The rats are eating the moon! Off goes the first cat in space to the rescue! It's a story full of, hungry...rats plus a queen and giants and a maze and whales and a toenail-clipping robot looking fo...
tagged: adventure, sci-fi-fantasy, graphic-novel, children-s-books, disaste...
Pixels of You
really liked it
Indira is a human who has been cybernetically augmented, and Fawn is a human-presenting AI. After having an embarrassingly public argument, they have been forced to work together on a project in the art gallery in which they work. Slowly...
tagged: graphic-novel, relationships, and young-adult
Lucy by the Sea
it was amazing
I could read about Lucy and her family forever, I think. Lucy is an observer and a writer, and she makes note of the small discrepancies and small joys of her daily life in a simple and wise way. All around her is the world, and that wor...
tagged: disaster, family, relationships, old-age, and fiction
BAKE: My Best Ever Recipes for the Classics
really liked it
Nobody knows more about baking than Paul Hollywood. Who better to share favorite recipes for baked goods---both sweet and savory---than Hollywood?
tagged: baking, cooking, foodie, and nonfiction
I Want to Be a Vase
really liked it
A toilet plunger wants to be...a vase. Simple, right? The plunger's desires are quickly shot down by the other occupants of the bathroom. "Not to be rude but...look at you. You're shaped like a plunger. That's your job. That's what you...
tagged: diversity, fiction, happiness, imagination, inspiration, humor, pur...
Rick the Rock of Room 214
it was amazing
You should know before you read this review that I LOVE ROCKS!!! (Yes, all caps and three exclamation points. Yes, I love rocks like you love your dog. Trust me. It can happen.) So, I've been waiting and waiting for this book to be pub...
tagged: nature, schools, adventure, picture-book, and humor
If Your Babysitter Is a Bruja
really liked it
"If it's almost Halloween and you have a new wary. She might be a bruja! A witch!" This is the story of a child who discovers her new babysitter is a witch, and the child takes steps to vanquish her. And the child event...
tagged: imagination, friendship, picture-book, and celebration
Growing an Artist: The Story of a Landscaper and His Son
really liked it
John Parra tells stories of his childhood, helping his papi in his father's work as a landscape contractor. Juanito struggles when a friend from school, Alex, looks away and pretends not to see him while he works in a yard. And yet he le...
tagged: art, nature, work, imagination, diversity, and spanish
All Cats Welcome
really liked it
Leonard the cat loved his human. But his human left for work each day, and Leonard felt lonely. One day Leonard spies a tortoiseshell cat across the way, and soon Leonard and Mariposa are friends, exploring the city together. But Leonard...
tagged: animals, friendship, happiness, new-york-city, and picture-book
How to Live: What the Rule of St. Benedict Teaches Us About Happiness, Meaning, and Community
it was amazing
Judith Valente looks closely at The Rule of St. Benedict and shares its wisdom. Valente includes Benedict's thoughts about paying attention, waking up, living fully, living peacefully, silence, humility, prayer, trust, community, finding...
tagged: spirituality, happiness, healing, nonfiction, and purpose
Rogues: True Stories of Grifters, Killers, Rebels and Crooks
really liked it
Patrick Radden Keefe is a long-form journalist, an old-time investigative reporter, who digs deep into a story, and the stories he chooses to investigate thoroughly are stories of bad guys. Rogues is a collection of twelve of Keefe's mos...
tagged: adventure, disaster, death, justice, and nonfiction
Other Birds
really liked it
Dellawisp is a building made up of five apartments on Mallow Island, and inside each apartment is a story. Zoey comes to live in one of these apartments, and she comes to learn the stories of the apartments and, in doing so, she grows to...
tagged: coming-of-age, family, friendship, imagination, and magic
Fellowship Point
really liked it
Fellowship Point is the story of respected children's author Agnes Lee and her best friend Polly Wister. The two women are in their eighties and Agnes desperately wants to protect Fellowship Point from developers. The long and complicate...
tagged: fiction, old-age, relationships, and nature
Crying in the Bathroom: A Memoir
really liked it
Erika L. Sánchez tells the stories of her life thus far in Crying in the Bathroom. Sánchez grew up in Chicago, the daughter of immigrants. She knew from an early age that she wanted to be a writer. Some of her biggest obstacles are debil...
tagged: memoir, diversity, nonfiction, relationships, and chicago
I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life
it was amazing
by Ed Yong
If I had taken a pretest on what I knew about microbes before I read this book, I wouldn't have been able to say much. I would say that most microbes I knew about were bad, destructive if not controlled in humans. I would say that I'd he...
tagged: science, nonfiction, and nature
The Last White Man
liked it
Anders wakes up one morning to find that his skin has turned dark and he does not recognize himself. As he gets out of the house, he is startled to find that people seem to look at him differently than they did when he was a white man. H...
tagged: fiction, diversity, and community
I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter
it was amazing
Julia thought her sister, Olga, was the perfect Mexican daughter. Olga stayed home after high school with her family, went to community college, went to work as a receptionist, and dated a nice boy. But now Olga is dead. And Julia isn...
tagged: diversity, spanish, family, young-adult, fiction, friendship, and c...
Happy Now: Let Playfulness Lift Your Load and Renew Your Spirit
really liked it
Who would guess that something as simple, as...well, childish, if you will, as playfulness can transform your life? How many times has too-seriousness taken hold of me and caused a rift between me and others? And now that I'm armed with...
tagged: happiness, inspiration, mood-boosting-books, nonfiction, and spirit...
Living Life as a Thank You: The Transformative Power of Daily Gratitude
really liked it
Living Life as a Thank You is a collection of stories of many people which center on the power of gratitude to change lives. Until I read this book, I don't think I realized how powerful gratitude can be in trying to cope with the variou...
tagged: happiness, mood-boosting-books, spirituality, and inspiration
The Odds #1
liked it
It's 3 1/2, just so you know. Kip's quiet, and she's surprised to find ten of her favorite characters have stepped out of their world and into hers. A ninja from her TV show. A race-car driver from a video game. An old man from a pictur...
tagged: fiction, children-s-books, graphic-novel, just-for-fun, and sci-fi-...
Early Morning Riser
it was amazing
Jane falls in love with Duncan almost as soon as she meets him, but the problem is that just about every other female in town has been involved with Duncan, too. Even Duncan's ex-wife, Aggie, still has Duncan over to mow the yard...Can J...
tagged: relationships, humor, family, fiction, friendship, and happiness
Speaking of Faith
liked it
Krista Tippett shares her journey in life, from her early spiritual experiences in childhood with a minister grandfather to her young adulthood in Germany to her return to spirituality in later adulthood. Tippett's connection to faith ...
tagged: spirituality and memoir
Play Your Way Sane: 120 Improv-Inspired Exercises to Help You Calm Down, Stop Spiraling, and Embrace Uncertainty
really liked it
“Improv is freakin’ magic.” “The secret lies in improv’s structure—a set of rules that allows players to stop worrying and second-guessing and to ease into the moment and be completely engaged with their fellow performers.” “The best-k...
A Life in Light: Meditations on Impermanence
really liked it
Mary Pipher tells the story of her life and focuses on the ways she was able to find light during the dark times. A few quotes: “I was a fleck of dust in an enormous universe, fortunate to even exist. Our lives are as fragile as the sm...
tagged: simplicity, spirituality, purpose, old-age, mood-boosting-books, in...
The Star That Always Stays
it was amazing
It's 1914 in America, and it's not easy to be a child whose parents are divorced, or a person of Native American heritage, and Norvia is both of these. And now her mother is remarrying, and Norvia doesn't know whether her new stepfather ...
tagged: historical-fiction, mood-boosting-books, children-s-books, and family

For a complete list of all the books I've read, please visit my Goodreads list of books read here.

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