Saturday, February 21, 2009

2008 Cybils Winners Announced!

The 2008 Cybils winners have been announced. Here are my favorites among the winners:

Nonfiction Picture Book
Since I served as a panelist for this award, I was happy to see the winner in this category was Frogs by Nic Bishop.

Fiction Picture Book
I checked How to Heal a Broken Wing out of my own school library yesterday.

Easy Reader
Every kid loves Mo Willems. This year's winner for this category was I Love My New Toy.

Young Adult
I just finished Hunger Games yesterday. Whew. What a tough book to read....I wonder when book 2 will be out....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

TSS: And the Winners of Our Mock Caldecott Are...

We decided to hold a mock Caldecott contest this week.

My school is a K-2.

We showed twelve possible Caldecott winners to the children.

Then each child ranked the books from 1 to 5 stars.

The results were surprising.

The books that actually won the
Caldecott Awards were the books
the fewest kids thought had great pictures!
The lowest ranked books at our school were
River of Words, House in the Night,
Geography, and Best Week.

The winner at our school was Don't Worry, Bear.

Old Bear by Kevin Henkes came in second.

Third place was We Are the Ship.

Fourth place was Wabi Sabi.

In the middle were Starfinder, Blue Room,
Yellow Leaf, and Radio Flyer.

It was fun to see what kids think about
pictures in books. It was surprising, too.
Every book had at least ten kids who thought
that book had the best pictures.