Saturday, February 21, 2009

TSS: 2008 Cybils Winners Announced!

The 2008 Cybils winners have been announced. Here are my favorites among the winners:

Nonfiction Picture Book
Since I served as a panelist for this award, I was happy to see the winner in this category was Frogs by Nic Bishop.

Fiction Picture Book
I checked How to Heal a Broken Wing out of my own school library yesterday.

Easy Reader
Every kid loves Mo Willems. This year's winner for this category was I Love My New Toy.

Young Adult
I just finished Hunger Games yesterday. Whew. What a tough book to read....I wonder when book 2 will be out....


  1. The sequel to Hunger Games comes out in September. I finished it recently, too, and thought it was fantastic.

    I see you're reading The Once and Future King...I can't wait to hear what you think! It's high on my list of "I Must Read This Soon". :-)

  2. I'm surprised to find that Once and Future King is slow going....Lots of this and that about what knights were and what castles were like....New info for me and it takes a while for this old brain to process everything....Good story, thus far.

  3. I was in B&N recently and just as my eye caught Frogs on one of the end caps, a grandmother and young grandchild came up beside me with the grandchild excitedly saying, "There it is!" and off they went with a copy of Frogs. I loved seeing the enthusiasm!!

  4. I live for the excitement of other readers. :-)

  5. I plan to read The Hunger Games later this month. I've heard nothing but great things about it!


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