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I'm Deb Nance.
I began Readerbuzz in June of 2008.

I love to read good books.

My favorite reads are
nonfiction that reads like fiction,
literary fiction,
and children's picture books.

I like
books set in Paris,
books about happiness,
and cookbooks.

I never read horror or erotica.
I rarely read genre fiction.
I am wary of self-published books.

Here is My Ideal Bookshelf:

My e-mail address is debnance at gmail dot com.

If your book is a good book,
and you think it's a book I would think is a good book,
and you would like me to read and review it,
just mail it to me.

If it is a good book,
I will read it and review it.

My mailing address is:

Deb Nance
1301 S. Johnson St.
Alvin, TX  77511-3342

A quote:

“I am and wish to remain a reader, an amateur, and a fan, unburdened by the weight of ceaseless evaluation. Sometimes the book itself is my main subject; at other times it’s just a pretext for spinning out various loose associations. Anyone who calls these pieces sketches will be correct. Anyone insisting on ‘reviews’ will incur my displeasure.” Wisława Szymborska, Nonrequired Reading (2002)

You can also find me here:


 All the books I review on
my blog, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and Amazon
are provided by publishers or authors
or are obtained from the library or bookstore.

I accept no money for reviews and 
I am under no obligation to write a positive review.