Monday, August 25, 2008

Musing Mondays: Book Slump: It Can't Happen Here

If you saw my house, you would see that a Book Slump could never happen here. (The photo above shows a stack I haven't quite fit into my six shelves.)

I have six bookshelves where I've squirreled away TBR and books I've loved just in case of such a terrible book event.

I have big, thick wonderfully browsable books that are fun to wander through whenever I've just finished a tough read.

I have light travel narratives to work in after a thoughtful novel.

I have lots of 32-page picture books to read aloud slowly if I can't find time for a nice big nonfiction book.

I have easy access to three library systems, including the enormous Houston Public Library and the Harris County Library. I can request and request and request. That gives me lots of possibilities.

My TBR and my library cards have me fully immunized against the dread Book Slump.


  1. Debbie -- while I think it's great that you feel "immunized" against book slumps with your HUGE tbr stacks, I don't feel the same...

    See here for my photo "tour" of my bookshelves at home...

    It's not like I don't have anything to read! LOL. Most of the books I own are still "tbr" (I've read only about 250-300 of my 1200-book collection). AND, I have access to the local library, AND I am frequently getting review books in the mail.

    But, I still manage to fall into those dreaded "reading slumps" from time to time. :-?

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess. ;)

    Be VERY thankful that you don't deal with this! You're very lucky! :D LOL.


  2. That's quite an outfit you've got on.

  3. Yes, I'm quite the Fancy Nancy!

  4. hey i read your commnet on bibliohead:
    "We went to SF in July and walked the town. I counted 14 bookstores, none of them B&N or Borders-type stores. I loved City Lights. Bought nothing. I loved Green Apple. Bought nothing.

    I do not know how I did it, but I left SF without purchasing a single book."
    you could've bought my book, The Idol Lover and Other Stories of Pakistan, at both stores :)
    - moazzam sheikh, a fellow librarian at SFPL


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