Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Salon: Will I Be Able to Read All My Cybils?

Three more read this week. I made two trips to the university library and one long trip to a branch of the Houston Public Library.

I've still got five left to read. All have been requested, but will they get here in time?

I have loved reading these Cybil nonfiction picture book nominees. Not a dud among them.


  1. Cool! I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself. We're thrilled to have you.

    Anne Levy

  2. Hey, I'm your secret Santa. :)

    Just wanted to let you know that your present will probably arrive after Christmas. I'm always late. :-p

    And here are some clues as to who I am: I, too, am a Cybils panelist. Not for Picture Books though. And my blog is decorated for winter. :)

  3. After Christmas will be so much the better. A wonderful after-Christmas surprise.

    Mmm...I wonder if I could figure out who you are...Cybils panelist, but not for picture decorated for winter...must see if I can figure it out....

  4. You know what, try GPS jammer to block all secret devices in your room or at work.


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