Sunday, March 29, 2009

TSS: Books I Might Read for the Read-a-Thon

The 24-Hour Read-a-Thon starts at noon on April 18. Having an enormous supply of books is the most important strategy for me in attempting to complete the read-a-thon.

Here are some short books I'm contemplating:

Death in Venice
The Crying of Lot 49
The Overcoat
The Old Man and the Sea
The Arrival
Goodbye, Mr. Chips
The Big Sleep
Member of the Wedding
The Hundred Penny Box
Seize the Day
Snow Country
Bartleby the Scrivener

I'd like to also have some children's books and some graphic novels ready to go.


  1. They might be short books but some sure are weighty in other ways!

  2. "The Big Sleep" might be dangerous (by way of subconscious suggestion)! :--) It sounds like a very ambitious list!

  3. Thank God! I thought I was the only one making a list!I'm definitely reading The Old Man and the Sea for the read-a-thon.

  4. Wow, you do read-a-thon in exactly the opposite way that I do - I tend to go for young adult books and fluffy light stuff. I think trying to spend 24 hours reading the classics would probably kill me, but if you can do it, more power to you!

  5. wow, good stuff, thomas mann, pynchon, etc. nice list! :-)

  6. That's a brave list for sure! The Arrival is an excellent idea for late into the 'thon, when you're already tired.

  7. Oh I loved Death in Venice!! If you read it, I hope you enjoy!

  8. You've got some good reading there. Death in Venice, The Old Man and the Sea, Seize the Day, and Snow Country I can recommend highly. I have a copy of Overcoat that I haven't read yet-should dig it up I suppose. I have to wait until the day of and go by mood. I was surprised that I managed to read for 18 hours last time. Have fun.

  9. Crying Lot of 49 is such a strange book. :) But in a good way. Read The Old Man and the Sea early on--can get a little dry (although I think that of a lot of Hemingway's stuff).

    Have a great time! I can hardly wait


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