Sunday, May 10, 2009

TSS: Mom Books

(The joy and miseries of motherhood epitomized by these photos of my devilishly cute yet terribly wicked niece and mom. Apologies to both my niece (top photo) who managed somehow to climb into the sink, curlers intact, and my mom (bottom photo) who was having a bad girl moment of her own)

Is there anyone who deserves a day more than mothers?

I'm through with mom-ing now (my sons are 24 and 21), but, believe me, I was right there in the trenches with you, for years. I didn't have a clue what I was doing when I put on that uniform and signed up. And when I brought home that beautiful, crying baby, I know I would have given anything for a leave of absence....Little did I know that my term of duty would last over twenty years.

What kept me going? A great husband...a wonderful extended family...supportive friends...and consoling books.

Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott, for one. Lamott is a real mom who doesn't mind telling you how it really was for her. I am sure there must be moms out there with fairy tale lives (not that I want to hear about these lives from you) but, for most of the moms I know, it is a real help to read Lamott.

And I have enjoyed reading Katherine Center's two books, if nothing else than her genuine descriptions of what it is like to take care of bambinos. She gets mom-dom.

I will never forget the scene from Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the One-Eyed Stud Horse when Sally May comes upon her little darling, having been dressed and perfectly prepared for SM's mother-in-law visit, a little boy who couldn't help himself and went out and romped with the all-corrupting Hank the Cowdog, and returns just in time, totally covered with mud and dog smell, for the mother-in-law's arrival....a must read for every mom.

There are surely other wonderful mom books out there....


  1. Hooray! Thank you for including my books in your Mothers' Day post! It's such an honor to be in the company of Anne Lamott, too. Operating instructions is one of my favorite books. Many happy wishes to you on Mothers' Day, and many thanks again!

  2. What adorable photos! And I loved Operating Instructions. I read it when I had my first baby. It was such a welcome companion. It made me feel I wasn't alone and that other moms are in far worse situations than I.. that made me feel strengthened. :D

  3. I've read all too few parenting books, so I appreciate the recommendations. What a great post for Mother's Day -- and those photos are awesome!

  4. Oh my goodness--I love that picture of your mom! That is the quintessential "time out chair" look!

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