Monday, February 15, 2010

BLOG TOUR: The Greatest Moments in Sports

If you have ever visited my blog, I can already see the expression on your face. Say what? You are reading what book?

Have I ever told you this story? I grew up my whole life in Alvin, Texas. After I finished college, I went to teach in a nearby town. One day, a fifth grade boy in my class said, "Mrs. Nance, you live in Alvin. My gosh, do you know Nolan Ryan?" And my response (and I swear to you that this is absolutely true) was: "Who is Nolan Ryan?"

But, hey, there's stuff you don't know about me. Like, my husband and two sons are the greatest sports fans ever. They love sports. Basketball, especially, but they love all, any. And I love my husband and my sons. I want to share stuff with them. Result: Lots of time sitting on high school bleachers, watching men move rapidly up and down the court on tv, attempting to fit in this highly testosterone charged world. Goodness, one son wants to be a sports broadcaster and the other wants to be a coach.

And, if you know anything about me at all, you know I am a reader.

And a children's librarian. I love children's books.

And, while reading about the author, I discovered he especially loved to explain sports to non-sports fans. That would be moi.

So, this book.

And, so, what did I think?

Perfect. The book is readable. Great photos. Great choices of great moments. When the book arrived in the mail (thank you!), my husband and son and I had a wonderful time predicting which great moments would be included in the book (okay, truth time: mostly my husband and son did the actual predicting). Berman knows how to write.

Marvelous. A happy bonding time was had by all.

My favorite part: "Of all the athletes in this book, which one is the most magnificent? Before you say Muhammad Ali or Jesse Owens, here are some hints. The athlete I've chosen had a career that lasted only two years, and he never granted a single interview. He weighed 1,200 pounds. Wow, pretty heavy. Here's another hint. He had 653 kids...." Still can't guess? Here's a video of this athlete in action:

More? Len Berman's thoughts on The Greatest Moments in Sports.

A close look at the book from Google Books.

An interview with Berman about the book on Boston tv..

Another interview with Berman on MSNBC.

At the end of the book, Berman offers his readers a chance to vote on their favorite sports moments. Here's a great chance for you to join in on the conversation.


  1. This does sound good. I like sports, but generally not the more commonly watched/appreciated sports in the US (swimming, the marathon, sailing, etc.). But my oldest son and my husband are rabid fans so, like you, I try to participate in their interests. I may have to look this book up so I can pull out amazing facts about things in which they think I am in complete ignorance. ;-)

  2. But Debbie you didn't tell us- who is Nolan Ryan?? He plays some kind of sport I guess? I'm totally not into sport. Haven't seen even a second of the current winter olympics on tv. I was planning on watching some, I lived in Canada so have a natural fondness for the venue, plus they usually have interesting stuff, but well it's on at funny times here, and I've had a hell of a week, not much sleep, sick and working too much is a bad combination, but all will be better soon (plus DH will be back and tv on more often, I don't have it on as background noise- I hate that)

  3. Jeez, Louise, you made me laugh. Nolan Ryan is (apparently) one of the best pitchers in baseball. He strikes out lots of batters. He's had a lot of games where he struck out every single batter. That is (apparently) very rare.

    And he grew up and lived most of his life in my town. He delivered our newspaper when he was a little boy (perhaps this is how he became such an excellent pitcher.)

  4. Glad I can make you laugh from all the way down here.... American baseball is such a nonentity here. They mention it a bit in the sports news sometimes at the end of the season, but I always leave the room when the sports news comes on. It could be on pay tv, they have to fill that with something, but we don't have that. I could possibly match some team names to where they come from but that would be about it. I've never figured out why the don't put the weather on before the sports bits, then I would see the weather sometimes, I never get to see it because I've always lost interest and wandered away. When I moved to Canada in 1984 it was at the height of Wayne Gretzky mania in Edmonton. People had laid bets on whether the Aussie would have heard of The Great One. You may not be surprised to know that I hadn't. Oh and I'm just as bad with Australian sport. I don't think you could pay me to remember who won the two major football competitions here last year. And as for cricket, oh dear god don't get me started on how much I hate that.


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