Sunday, May 2, 2010

An Excellent Week of Reading

A little bit of everything I love in my reading this week:

A 1001 Children's Book.* That's Winter's End. It's translated from the French. (In view of my upcoming trip, I've decided to focus on reading those 1001 CBs that have French authors.) And, though this book was set in a mysterious alternative universe following a dictatorial takeover, the book had a decidedly French feel,  placing its trust in art to save the world. Very dark for a children's book, but with a hopeful ending. 

A French Travel Narrative. That's Paris Times Eight. Kelly visits Paris, yes, eight times, and each trip changes her. Hope I will have my own Paris Times One experience this summer.

Two Books about the Christian Church. That's Crazy Love and If the Church Were Christian. Both scathing, but both authored by pastors who love the church despite its weaknesses. I, too, love the church, but find it disappoints me....We could be so much more but for our complacency and off-putting piousness, the very things Jesus stared down in his Jewish faith.

Two Poetry Books. (You probably figured this out, but, just to be sure, that's Poetry Speaks and Poems to Read.) Man, these poems were powerful. I always forget how powerful poems can be. Whew. Good thing terrorists haven't discovered poetry....They could set down their bombs and guns.

Now I'm off now to enjoy this amazing day outdoors....78 sky....I think I'll visit some blogs on my mini-laptop on the porch and read a little and breathe in all this amazing-ness this afternoon. I'll leave you with a little poem I liked in Poems to Read and a photo I took this morning:

Spring by Charles Simic

This is what I saw---old snow on the ground,
Three blackbirds preening themselves,
And my neighbor stepping out in her nightdress
To hang her husband's shirts on the line.

The morning wind made them hard to pin.
It swept the dress so high above her knees,
She had to stop what she was doing
And have a good laugh, while covering herself.

*One of the books in 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up.



  1. Love that photo, along with the poem, which made me chuckle.

    This is my first visit amazes me how many sites there are out there, and how, only gradually, do I begin to see a fraction of them.

  2. Beautiful photo, Debbie. It's a magnolia, right? And a lovely little poem. :)

    It's gorgeous here today, too. Not quite as warm (low 70s), but the most beautiful blue sky with perfectly white puffy clouds. We ran errands in a red '69 VW bug convertible. I felt 16!

  3. I just read Poetry Speaks Who I Am, too... good stuff!

  4. I also really enjoyed Winter's End. It was a good read!

  5. Great week in books! I hope you get to go to Paris this summer, too - it's a wonderful city!

  6. Oh I love Simic! What a nice reading week you've had!

  7. I love the poem and the picture!

  8. I finished Crazy Love a couple weeks ago and wrote a review for my blog. I will have to look into the other one.

  9. Oh, and the poem reminds me of a Ray Wylie Hubbard song... I assume you have heard of him because you live in Alvin. If not check him out. Perfect song.

  10. Paris Times Eight sounds really good. You will definitely be well prepared for your trip with all the topical reading you're doing. :-)

  11. So pretty! :-) What a great week in reading!

  12. Geez, your reading week sounds like bliss! And if you need yet another book for your TBR stack, come on over and check my book giveaway, in case you haven't read either of the "giveaways" yet!


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