Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why I Didn't Get Around to Writing a Sunday Salon This Week

No, the dog didn't eat my Sunday Salon. But, guys,
I've been busy.

At school, this was the last week.
I had to pack everything up.
They are remodeling the library this summer.
And I had to finish inventory. Whew!

I spent most of the weekend practicing my French on Rosetta Stone.
 Will I ever be able to properly say, "un garçon"?

I made a big dinner today,
to celebrate the start of summer, 
with stuffed chicken breast in a spinach salsa sauce,
 and homemade French bread.

A beautiful Tarte Aux Fraises for dessert.

So, that's why I didn't get around to writing a Sunday Salon this week.

Next week, I promise I'll do better.


  1. It's ok not to write a salon post. You have done well, otherwise!

    Here is my Sunday Salon post!

  2. I often skip the Sunday Salon if I haven't had an idea of what to say. How are you liking The Rosetta Stone? I'm always thinking about it, but never have committed to the cost in money and time.

  3. I committed to doing one post a week here at my book blog and that post, for me, is almost always a Sunday Salon. I want to at least write something once a week. Even if it is just a small post, like this one.

    I was hating Rosetta Stone yesterday. It did not like my pronunciations and I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. Today, I figured it out! Now I am loving it!

  4. Sunday Salon is one post I try to write every week. Although my intent is there, sometimes it doesn't often happened. I find I just have to jump right back in and begin again.

    As for Rosetta Stone, I hear their ads on the radio almost daily and wonder if it would be a good way to learn Spanish.

  5. Hi, this is Jillian from Random Ramblings. I am trying to contact all the blog's followers.. if you could please read my latest post about the blog's technical problems, I'd greatly appreciate it. You can read the post right here. Thank you so very much!

  6. I understand your pain. LOL...I am a media specialist in a K-5 school. I have had to do that before. I just finished up this past week. I'm still wired like a top. I have to check out Rosetta Stone. WE used to use it in school. Happy Summer!! Relax a lot. :)


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