Sunday, July 11, 2010

The New Me

Paris and Provence 056

Warning: This post has only occasional references to books.

After seventeen days in Heaven (aka Paris, Provence, France), I have returned home.

While in France, I experienced several epiphanies.

I am changed.

How so?

1. Food.
Food in France was real food. It was fresh. It had taste. It had color.
It had been alive recently; it still had a bit of aliveness in it.

So, no more eating bad foods.
I don't finish bad books, so why have I been eating bad food? 

2. Savoring.
People in France take month long vacations. They close their shops for two hours for lunch.
They spend six hours eating dinner.

I've always thought of myself as a hurry-hurry girl. No more.
I am slowing down. Pause. Think. Reflect. Visit. Pray. Taste. Smell. Hear. Listen. Savor.

A new me. 

Paris and Provence 196


  1. Sigh.... I *need* to go to France!!
    Can't wait to look at the pictures.

  2. I think I'd like to live and eat in France :)

  3. +JMJ+

    It sounds as if you had the best kind of holiday! =)

  4. Yes indeed we are soul sisters!!

    I hope to one day take the trip that you just experienced. I would like to start implementing the changes of which you just described sooner than that.

    I very much look forward to reading more of your fabulous travels in the days ahead!

  5. Not only is the food (and wine) fantastic in France- it's better for you! I managed to lose a kilo or two on holiday in France! Incroyable...And bravo to your new self Debbie. A wonderful thing to take home from your holiday. Have you read any Michael Pollan? His philosophy on food fits with your new way of being. He's written a couple of thick tomes (shhh, but I only got through about a quarter of one) but he has a quick little guide to eating well- Food Rules. It's terrific. And can be read in under an hour. The basic premise is on the back cover- Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants. It's a great little read too.

  6. I need to go to France, Italy, and Greece! I can't wait to see pictures either.

  7. I am so jealous and so happy for you at the same time! :-) Sounds like a wonderful time! It's so funny how we sometimes don't notice what a rush we are in all the time- eating, playing and working! I would love to sample that food though! I never thought of french cooking, but you've peaked my interest a little! You've got to share some of that wonderful food you ate!!

  8. If only the animals weren't quite so alive as you ate them I might be persuaded. You almost had me convinced to go until I read that sentence.

  9. All the food is still a little alive, and that is the delightful part of it. Even the animals. (And remember, what animals did I eat in France? A snail. And fish. Not exactly the sentient of animals.)

  10. Brava! Good for you. I just finished reading French Milk, by Lucy Knisley, and between her and your post, I really want to go. And I want to eat better food.

  11. Wonderful! I need to eat more fresh foods too. Usually I only remember in the summer time when there are gardens and farmer's markets. Your trip sounds like it was lovely!

  12. Beautiful photo. So glad you enjoyed France. You remind me of Julia Child and her first experience eating French food in France. Have you seen Julia & Julia? If not you absolutely must!!!
    Bon appétit!

  13. I'm with JoAnn. I really need to go to France. And Italy. Sigh.

    Love all your pictures! Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing again through the Hop!

  15. I remember reading about all the things you wrote about in your post in both of Mireille Guiliano's books, French Women Don't Get Fat and French Women for All Seasons. It's good to have confirmation about things you've read. Your photos are magnifique! In Madame Williamson's French class, I would've gotten an "F" for speaking "franglais"!

  16. I love it when a trip leads to lasting change. Fresh food and taking your time, doing things deliberately is totally the way to go.


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