Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Cookbook That Just Might Make You a Vegetarian: A Modern Way to Cook by Anna Jones

I'm not a vegetarian, so don't think I'm the usual sort who picks up this cookbook. And my husband is light-years from being a vegetarian, so he will provide a perfect test subject for the recipes of A Modern Way to Cook: 150+ Vegetarian Recipes for Quick, Flavor-Packed Meals by Anna Jones.

I will say that you won't find everything you need in your cabinet, and you may even (I did) have to ask the checker at Kroger to send you in the right direction for a few ingredients. 

I read the book and I try a recipe. Soft Green Herb Omelet. It is in the very first section of the book, the one that promised a meal in fifteen minutes, a meal in the time it takes to set the table. Anna Jones is right. It takes no time at all. 

Jones asks us to start with four free-range or organic eggs. You can't get much more free-range or organic than these beautiful eggs, acquired from a friend who raises chickens as a sideline. Aren't they lovely? 

We crack our eggs in a bowl and then add salt, pepper, and two small bunches of soft herbs. I add mint, basil, and tarragon. We heat our frying pan over medium heat, and pour the eggs into the pan and allow them to sit untouched for twenty seconds until they begin to set. 

You don't have to fill the omelet but I do. I use a small handful of feta cheese with a good grating of lemon zest and a handful of shredded spinach. 

I finish by flipping the other side over to form a half-moon shape, and cooking for another thirty seconds.

Oh my. We are talking flavor, folks, and it isn't the kind of amazing flavor that fades once you start considering the harm you are doing to your body from the actual sugar, salt, and fat that often comes with those huge flavor sensations. No, this is intense flavor and it's the Good Jedi kind.

Yes, you may have to spend a bit of extra time to find what you need for this book. On the other hand, the meals are as fast as anything I've ever cooked, and you can creatively substitute this and that for what you have on hand. Nutrition and flavor are astonishingly high.

Final assessment from our test subjects (my husband and me): Two big (green) thumbs up.

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  1. I'm requesting a copy of this book at the bookstore TODAY! My husband is miles away from becoming a vegetarian, but he's eager to eat lighter meals for dinner. This sounds like a winner!

  2. I don't have a problem with vegetarian food we eat some at home, the omelette does not sound too bad

  3. That looks delicious and interesting !
    Best, Synnöve

  4. You made hungry :D Utterly cheesilicious!
    Happy WW!

  5. Thanks for these cookbook pictures! I eat for the most vegetarian food + fish.

  6. This sounds great. I'm requesting this from the library right now to see if there are recipes I can sneak past my non-veggie husband. He is also not a cook and only looks at the food once it reaches the table, so he won't know what's in it!

  7. I can't say that I am a vegetarian, but I noticed that we eat less and less meat getting older ! Lots of vegetables and fish and chicken.

  8. You make even a vegetarian cookbook look good, Debbie. And, I, too am married to a meat and potatoes man.

    1. Oh my! What a surprise to see you post here! Thank you.

  9. This sounds really nice- both the book and the recipe.

  10. We eat mostly vegetarian so I am definitely picking the book up. Great recipe

  11. That omelet looks delicious! My eldest son is good at making various dishes with vegetarian ingredients, from his days as a vegetarian. He is no longer completely vegetarian, but does love to share these delights now and then.

    Thanks for sharing, and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  12. This looks great; I actually am a vegetarian, and am always looking for good new additions to my cookbook library.

  13. My son and his family are mainly vegan, but do eat eggs once in a while. I like eating meatless a few times a week so I think I'd like this book.

  14. A classic omelette - when I do them the first one usually doesn't turn out as well as the second - something about the pan temperature I think. Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter


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