Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Overrated Classics

I seem to be on a classics read run these days, so I feel like I am a good person to answer these questions!

What is the best classic you were “forced” to read in school (and why)?

I could not believe how easy to read and how funny Don Quixote was!

What was the worst classic you were forced to endure (and why)?

We all complained about Lord Jim. I have no memory of the story, but, even today, when someone talks about an awful classic, this is the first book that comes in my mind.

Which classic should every student be required to read (and why)?

I don't think anyone should be required to read a book. I think students should be given lists of good books and should be able to choose a book that suits their needs. Isn't this what we do as adults? Some guidance...but also some choice....

Which classic should be put to rest immediately (and why)?

Keep them all out there. Obviously a lot of people adored these books once upon a time, so there still might be something in the book for others.

**Bonus** Why do you think certain books become “classics”?

Classics have something that rings true in people, despite culture, despite time.


  1. ps - Can you give some details about the challenges you have posted in your sidebar?

  2. I know that there are other challenges out there, but I made these personal challenges.


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