Saturday, November 29, 2008


C.B. posted a video of the 77 books he has in his TBR.

"Does everyone else have this problem?" he asks in the video, as the camera pans his enormous stacks of books.

I had to know. So I counted.

And my total? 295. Absurd.


  1. hehe.. i've got close to a 1000....

  2. Very impressive! I have quite a huge TBR list, but I confess that I have not yet acquired them all .. they are just "on the list". I've got about 40 on the "nightstand" (really a bookcase) for Christmas break. (what do you mean I can't read 40 books in 2 weeks?)

  3. Found You!
    My PhD supervisor once said that the day he understood the true nature of mortality was the day he realsied that he owned more unread books than he could possibly have life left in which to read them. Since then I've never dared to count my tbr pile as I'm fairly sure I'd be forced to the same conclusion.

  4. Oh dear. I counted, but I won't do any further adding in the four books I ordered from Amazon Saturday...or adding the two I requested from paperbackswap...

  5. I'm actually worse than ratmammy. You may now sigh with relief.

  6. I suppose it is comforting to know others are worse....


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