Sunday, January 18, 2009

TSS: Do You Bookcross?

I'm a new blogger (only since last summer), but I've been bookcrossing since 2002. There are now close to 3/4 of a million Bookcrossers around the world.

Why, then, I wonder, have I never run into a BCer in the book blogging world?

Bookcrossing is my favorite book site. I've registered over 5,000 books. By the end of this year, I plan to have released 5,000 books. One of my books, Book Lust, has traveled to over 75 people around the world.

Do you know what Bookcrossing is?

The idea behind it is that people read books and then pass them on, instead of leaving them on their shelves to gather dust. Each book is registered with a number and then is left somewhere. If someone else finds it and reads it, he can go to the site and make comments about the book.

My most successful release day was at the Texas Book Fair in Austin, Texas several years ago. I released 75 books and about 20 were logged in.

I am getting ready for the Texas Library Association meeting this spring in Houston. It is always a great place to release books.

Here is my shelf at Bookcrossing. My name there is debnance. Take a look at my available books. I am always happy to trade (though, sadly, I can no longer trade internationally due to rising postal costs).


  1. I BookCross! I've run across a few fellow BCers, but you're right, the book blog community as a whole is pretty quiet about it. I love BookCrossing; it's always fun to see where your books go and to find books out in the wild. :)

  2. I don't participate in BookCrossing but it does sound like a great idea.

  3. I'm not a frequent participant, but I do BookCross from time to tie. I've released quite a few books into the wild, and several of them have been caught. I've found one release myself, and was with a friend when she came across another.

  4. Yes, it's a new concept to me. Very intriguing idea.

    I have so many books I'll never read again. They do make lovely wall decor, but maybe I should consider BookCrossing...

  5. I prefer to keep my books these days. Some of them I have replaced five or six times. I reread a lot.


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