Sunday, September 6, 2009

What Makes Debbie Read?

I love to read.

No, really. I mean it. Big time. I LOVE to read.

Okay, you think, so what? You love to read, too.

I am absolutely crazy about reading. I love to wander around the Blogosphere and see what other people are reading. I love to add books to my wishlist. I love to read aloud. I love to go on vacations and visit bookstores. And libraries. I invite friends to come with me to author readings. I actually gave up tv in 2003 so I'd have more time to read. Eek.

My idea of a horror story? The Twilight Zone episode where the reader is the only one left alive but happily finds a library...and then he breaks his only pair of glasses.

So my question is, Why? Why do I love to read so much when so many people see it as drudgery if not torture?


  1. I like to see what's on other people's bookshelves when I go to their houses. And I love looking at other book blogs, especially those that have totally different tastes than my own.

    I've largely given up TV too, in favor of reading and the Internet. I think it's because TV for me is such a passive experience - you sit there and stare at it. The Internet can be a time-waster too, but at least it's interactive.

  2. I prefer books to TV (& even life) too!!

    Farrah from The Book Faery Reviews

  3. Oh, I love reading, just like you! The first thing I look at when visiting a home I haven't been to before is the bookshelves. I try to sneak a peek at what someone is reading on the bus or in a cafe. I am constantly adding books to my TBR list, I'll never have time to read them all. I gave up TV years ago.

    Why? I don't know for sure. Reading is an activity that is personal, it takes me into myself, away from stress, away from worry, and yet it is so damn expansive. I can go anywhere, to another time, another place, even another dimension..

    Reading is personal, but there is nothing I like better than sharing the books I enjoy with friends and loved ones.

  4. I read because it's MY choice! No one is forcing me and telling me what to read, when to read or for how long. For many students reading is work because it does not come easy. They spend so much time decoding a word that they miss the meaning of what they just read. When they equate reading with pain and hard work when they are young they become reluctant readers later in life.

    To add insult to injury, many a school teacher has ruined readers when they force books down a student's throat or bludgeon a book to death with over-critique and analysis. Mandatory book reports and assignments can also burn out students that haven't had their "home-run" book yet. Teachers should be patient...that perfect book will come to someone. Just keep cheering them on. As a teacher I feel it's my job to be a "living book commercial" and turn my students on to books and reading!!

    I love to read because it is what I want to to do. I can choose my titles (ok, book group is an exception) but I lurk blogs (like yours) to discover new treasures and book talks!! Book Fairs, author talks, and book stores are like a drug for me!!

    I really perked up when I saw your association to the scariest Twilight Zone episode I ever saw. I think that is my biggest fear - all the time in the world to read and not being able to do it!!! Aaack!

  5. Me, I'm a big reader because I love stories. Nonfiction's all right, and there are times when I crave it, but I mostly stick to fiction 'cause I've gotta get my story fix. Give me a ripping good tale with great characters and I'm there.

  6. Actually I wonder that too. I wonder if as kids, education or the lack of encouragement with reading doesn't do long term harm. The right book, for the right person, at the right time seems to have become a personal moto for me, even when the book is full of toilet humour the teacher doesn't approve of, or is a graphic novel, another one some adults seem to have trouble with.
    I also go on holidays and visit book shops and while the rest of the family go to the beach I go to a good coffe shop and read.
    lovely post.

  7. Why? Why do some people like playing video games and others don't? Why is the sky blue? These are questions that cannot be answered.

    I think, personally, it has a lot to do with upbringing. If you have a childhood where you are encouraged to read then it will make an impact. Also, reading is not seen as being "cool" so there is something of social stigma attached to it, especially with boys.

    I was a late bloomer with regards to reading, in fact I was appalling at reading being near the bottom of the class with reading comprehension. Then something clicked and I became top of my class (this was primary school not like last week hee hee) and I began to devour books. I'm not too sure why, perhaps it was because I am quite a solitary guy so reading appeals to me.

  8. I feel so defensive about reading. How many people have said to me, "I wish I had time to read more." I almost always tell them how I gave up tv to have more time to read. That is received with shudders of could anyone possibly give up TV?!

  9. Reading is unlike any other form of media for telling a story. It allows the reader to imagine instead of just experience a story. We, the readers, are co-creators with the authors and that relationship is special and unique. I think that's why I love reading - it offers me so much for so little in return. Plus, there's the fact that no matter how much you read, you'll never run out of books. That's pretty impressive.

  10. i think people who think reading is a drudgery just haven't found the right book.


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