Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sometimes I despair:

Are there really any readers out there? 

And, if there are, do any of them live here in Texas? 

I can start feeling very gloom-and-doom, very end-times
about the demise of reading in my small world.

Then I receive an invite to a Houston Book Bloggers Brunch.

Yesterday I drove 59 miles one way to meet up with a group of amazing readers,
readers who revive my hope in the Written Word,
who speak about books as brilliantly as they write,
who are actively passing on the Flame of Thought to
their children and their students and their communities and the readers of their blogs.

And I am revived.

Here are the blogs for
some of our Houston area book bloggers.
Stop by and visit them
and add your blog in a comment here if I left you out.



  1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by Anglers Rest. Sounds like you had a good day yesterday with the Houston book bloggers.

    How are you getting on with your current read? I saw a review of it before Christmas I think and added it to my growing list of books.

  2. I picked it up at the brunch yesterday and started reading it this morning. So far (three chapters in) I love it.

  3. It's really fun to get together with other bloggers, isn't it? I read a lot of those blogs! I know what you mean about feeling disconnected from readers in your own community - I feel that way here sometimes (we are a very rural community and to go to anything "literary" I have to drive at least a half hour in each direction). That is one reason I love the blogger connections!

  4. Sounds like a fun gathering!

  5. I really wish I could have joined everyone. It sounds like you had a blast, Deb. :) Thanks for the invite and I hope there will be future meet-ups, too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. Oh, how fun! You had brunch with some of my favorite bloggers!

  7. I often feel the same way about reading when it comes to my corner of the world too. I'm glad you found some readers in your area!

  8. Glad you renewed your faith in readers again. I feel like there aren't enough readers in the world but am always gratified when I think of all of us bloggers who are readers. There is hope!

  9. That sounds really fun; I'd love to find book bloggers near me!

  10. I can get to feeling this way about AZ as well. You are lucky to have found a great local community.

    Check out my salon:

  11. Hi, Deb! Thanks for stopping by Beltwayliterature earlier today! How nice it must've been to meet up with fellow bloggers in the Houston area!

  12. Well, I might not read as much as I'd like, but I do have so many books in my house that it looks like a bookstore. And then there are the two big air-conditioned storage rooms I have to rent for the overflow!

  13. It cheers me up every time I think of you, Bill, living and writing here in Texas. Just imagine all the dendritic branches that interconnect brain cells your books have sparked.

  14. Oh, I feel like that too. I don't know anyone who reads (and thinks about) books as much as I do. A meet up brunch sounds fabulous.

  15. Deb! I often feel this way, especially teaching college freshmen and sophomores. But they always surprise me. In my Writing and Lit class, I have an outside reading project to introduce students to more contemporary (or underexposed) lit, and I have been so pleased at how many take the time to talk to me about the books they have enjoyed.

    As for the get-together - I hope to be there next time. My mom's birthday was yesterday, so we were busy celebrating. It is definitely nice to know there are other bloggers close by.

  16. So glad you made the trip and had a chance to connect with other bloggers. I will definitely check out those links.

  17. Thanks for coming by my blog! I'm so stoked you found some fellow readers - having people to rave to about my reading is so important. I'm very blessed to have a fab book club going on at the moment too. Also thanks for the links, I will have a look-see.

  18. Wow! Just when we're feeling alone and isolated, something wonderful can happen!

    Thanks for visiting my Sunday Salon...I just discovered your comment, which for some reason ended up in the Spam folder. I check that folder pretty often, usually, because comments from friends can inadvertently land there.

    Glad you liked my bookshelves...I have shelves in every room, and squeezing this new one into my office made it possible to "shelve" more books!


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