Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dewey's 24-Hour-Readathon in New York, New York

 My favorite reading event of the year, Dewey's 24-Hour-Readathon!

This year, I read New York City
to prepare for my first trip there this summer.

A photo for inspiration:

Empire State Building HDR
Wow...New York City....

The books I collected for this readathon...
I added my location to our Google map of readers,
joined in on the collaborative story,
and popped in on a few blogs.
I wrote a little about my favorite classic.
I read for ten hours before
hitting the wall,
and stopping to eat dinner,
enjoy a movie, and go to sleep.

And I finished ten books:
New York: 365 Days
Here is New York by E. B. White
New York: The Big City by Will Eisner (graphic novel)
Miffy Loves New York City by Dick Bruna
The Inside-Outside Book of New York City by Roxie Munro
Dear Primo: A Letter to My Cousin by Duncan Tonatiuh
New York City: An Illustrated History of the Big Apple
Pale Male: Citizen Hawk of New York City
Rosy Cole's Worst Ever, Best Yet Tour of New York City


  1. What a glorious way to enjoy the read-a-thon... NEW YORK! I love that you pulled a giant stack of books related to one topic that is exciting you. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog to encourage my own read-a-thon endeavors. I think we're old BookCrossing pals, are we not? I look forward to seeing how your NYC day turns out. Happy reading!

  2. Happy reading and have fun! :D

  3. I love the idea of reading about New York during the read-a-thon. I hope you're having a great day!

  4. I'm here from the cheer squad, and I LOVE your Readathon plan (and New York)! Just keep on readin', and have a great time doing it!

  5. I love that you have a theme to your reading! Enjoy the read-a-thon and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier :)

  6. That is amazing that you have read 10 books already.

  7. my #1 recommendation for a trip to New York: The Frick Museum. And based on your reading, I have to recommend Red Tails in Love, the adult non-fiction book that Pale Male is based on. A lovely, sweet story, which I have given as a gift to at least 5 people which is just unheard of for me. But it's just so good!

  8. What a great idea; enjoy! I had too much going on this w/end to participate.

  9. I have been out of commission for a while so I apologize that I did not know of your upcoming trip. All these books sound wonderful! I just love vacationing through books :)

    I used to live in New York City - 4 years in Greenwich Village - and I would be happy to share any info I may have to help plan for this fun get away.

    I also think I may actually make it to Paris this summer. I would love to hear any tips you may have.

  10. I just love how completely you throw yourself into reading before a trip- and I admire your optimism, compiling what seems to me 6 months worth of reading for a 24 hour readathon! I can't wait to hear more about your reading- and the trip.

  11. I adored the Read-A-Thon. I choose to read books from the ALA's Alex Award list, glad you found a way to pick books that had meaning for you!

  12. Fabulous journey for you! Themed reading is a great way to enjoy an event. Especially about New York City!

    I'd love to go there one day, like to BEA, but can't...sigh.

    I can enjoy New York in books and movies, though, until the day that I finally get there.


  13. A trip to NYC! It will be rich and rewarding. and colorful and real and ethnic and provincial and worldly and ....fabulous! I implore you to take time, at night, in Times Square, sitting at one of the metal tables where they've blocked off're gonna love it. You could be bold and sit there and read and you will get enough "stuff" for your blog for the rest of the year and beyond! Delighted for you.

  14. congrats on your success with the readathon - how fun to read thematic books like this ... hope your upcoming trip to NYC is fantastic!


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