Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ten Books That I Read That Were Outside Of My Comfort Zone

Ten Books That I Read That Were
Outside of My Comfort Zone:

How far outside:  Extremely far out
Why? Violence, war
Final opinion: One of the best books I've ever read.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

How far outside:  Very far
Why?  Violence, anarchy, anomie
Final opinion:  Very glad I read this book.

How far outside: Very far out.
Why?  Swordplay, politics of the time, erudite vocabulary
Final opinion: Don't be afraid to read this book

How far ouside:  Very far out
Why? Extreme violence
Final opinion:  Not my cuppa tea.

How far outside: Somewhat far out
Why? Male protagonists, Western genre
Final opinion:  An okay read.

El Principito (The Little Prince)

How far outside:  Somewhat far out.
Why? Text is in Spanish.
Final opinion: Happy I was able to complete this.

How far outside:  Very far outside.
Why?  Violence, cruel treatment of women and the powerless
by the powerful in the society
Final opinion:  Well written. Compelling plot.

How far outside: Somewhat far out
Why? It's all about science,
and that's not my favorite subject.
Final opinion: Fabulous read.

How far outside: Very far outside
Why? Graphic novel format, violence
Final opinion: Meh

How far outside: Quite far outside
Why? Male protagonists, violence, mistreatment of women
Final opinion: Don't bother.

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  1. I love Bill Bryson but I haven't managed to read A Short History yet! He's probably wholly outside my comfort zone but I love everything by him I've ever read.

  2. The Road made my list, too. That and Animal Farm have compelled me to read more dystopian, a genre I haven't been too fond of until now.

  3. I've loved dystopian novels since I read Candle for Lebowitz back in high school, but I wasn't eager to read The Road as I'd heard it was very bleak.

  4. I liked your list very much! I've read the Bryson and the McCarthy and loved them both but didn't put them on this week's list because I tend to read everything by those authors.

  5. I want to get in to the Game of Thrones series, but I fear it will be too far out of my comfort zone - ironic eh? lol

    My TTT

  6. Reading A Short History of Nearly Everything was definitely outside of my comfort zone, too, but it turned out to be much more interesting than I thought it would be.

  7. Stephen King has always been out of my comfort zone. But I'm tempted by his latest based on the Kennedy assassination.

    Here's my top ten, if you'd like to take a peek: http://myreadersblock.blogspot.com/2011/11/top-ten-tuesday-out-of-comfort-zone.html

  8. Out of all of McCarthy's work, The Road is the least disturbing. Crazy, but true. Outer Dark and Child of God were perhaps, the most disturbing "outside of my comfort zone" books I've EVER read.

  9. The Road was out of my comfort zone too when I read it.

  10. I started "The Road" a few months ago and got up to pg 15 or so. I figured it was a short novel that I could easily knock out during the the weekend. I didn't realize how dark and morose it was and had to put it down. Hopefully, I'll pick it back up.

  11. Great list of books. Love Bill Bryson, but haven't picked up that one.

  12. The Three Musketeers is one of those books that I do want to read. I also want to read The Stand. We'll see how much I end up enjoying them.

  13. A great variety of reading. Some I loved, and some I haven't read.
    Here's my post

  14. Great format for your list, as always. I love Tim O'Brien and I think I'm going to give Game of Thrones a shot.

    Laura @ The Scarlet Letter.

  15. Well at least you came out with more positives than negatives :)

    I think it's great to push oneself beyond the comfy reads -- for me that usually means sci-fi and horror.

  16. I loved The Road, and The Three Musketeers of course! I have three copies of Bill Bryson's A Short History! But haven't managed to read any yet. I did read about 20 pages one time, I need to get on with it, sometime.


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