Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Husband-less Valentine's Day, My Bookish Valentine, and a Fully-Loaded Nightstand

My Husband-less V-Day
First time in thirty-six years of marriage that I was alone on Valentine's Day. Donde esta mi esposo, you ask? At a rock and mineral show, the biggest in the world, in Tucson, Arizona. He made the plans months ago, and he feels terrible that he is out-of-town for this big day. I suspect that guilt may drive him to bring home lots of make-up jewelry from the gem show, and that will be nice.

I wasn't really alone-alone anyway; I had lots of drop-in visitors and lovely phone calls. And I got to spend some solid time reading and who doesn't love that? 

My Bookish Valentine
Plus, look what arrived in the mail:
Yes, it's my amazing Bookish Valentine box from the quite amazing Andi of the deliciously amazing blog, Estella's Revenge. What is inside? A card and a candle and a chocolate bar and (of course!) a yummy book from my wish list, The Year of Living Dangerously.  Thank you, Andi! And thank you, Amanda from Fig and Thistle, for organizing this fun bookish event.

A Fully-Loaded Nightstand
So, what's on my nightstand for this week?

Let's zoom in a little closer, shall we?
Sketch. Redwall. The Year of Living Dangerously. Middlemarch.

Yes. Perfect. 

What are you reading today?!

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  1. what a great package! i hope your husband brings you back something nice from the show!

  2. I wasn't alone...exactly, but wife was in a play last night so was out for the night. So I can semi-relate. Glad you had a good day reading, though.

    Note: I like how you zoomed in on what is on your nightstand. Too often I can't read what those books are and it's nice to be able to see the books now.

    As for what I'm reading today, I have several books from which to choose. I'm probably going to finish The Mermaids Singing by Val McDermid first and then may dip into The Organized Mind by Daniel J. Levitin later. We'll see. I'll also be reading, as always, Sunday Salon posts like this one. :)

  3. Yes, I tend to read mostly blog posts on doing this. But I hope to read a little from my nightstand, too.

  4. Valentine's Day is no biggie here, there's a bit of marketing, and perhaps young single couples pay it a lot of attention, but not everyone else. The copy of Redwall you have is very thin. I have a Vintage classics edition which is 542 pages! It looks more like your copy of Middlemarch....

    1. The copy of Redwall is just a hundred pages, but it's just book one of four. Hoping that reading it in bites will help. Maybe I should do that with Middlemarch, too, if it works.

    2. Oh good. I'm sure reading it in bites will help. Each will seem quicker.

  5. I'm really looking forward to The Year of Reading Dangerously.

  6. Have to confess I have never read Middlemarch -- even though I have read pretty thoroughly in the classics. Still a few holds. How did this happen? Maybe too many American lit classes in the past. You inspire me. I'll think about putting in on the list.
    We stayed in all day Valentine's Day and couched it. Ate well and did walk the dog. But pretty quiet.

  7. I was wondering about Redwall too. I've had that book for forever - maybe I should read it too? My Valentine's day was spent reading, and making cookies with grandkids.

  8. What a wonderful bookish Valentine box!! I'm planning to start Hausfrau later today.

  9. What a fun box. I should probably pay closer attention to these things so I can get myself signed up too. :-)

  10. Love that nightstand --- and the goody box!

    I am interested in reading your review of Redwall. Since I am focusing more on middle grade fiction, I know this is an appropriate series for the genre.

    Hope your husband returns home safely - and with a little gemstone valentine in his pocket :)

  11. I'm so so so so glad you enjoyed the Valentine's day swap package! Amanda is wonderful for setting this all up! <3

  12. What a lovely box of goodies! And I laughed at your "donde esta mi esposo??". Mine had a business trip to Florida this week and got back late Friday night. And then he had tickets to the Univ of TX basketball game last night. It was fine though. We're married 35 years this year and Valentine's Day can be any day. Going to dinner tonight and it's all good. :-)

  13. With the presents from Andi and that stack of books that sounds like a pretty fantastic Valentine's Day solo or not! I do hope you get some nice jewelry from the rock and mineral show though! Have a great week!

  14. I love having books on my nightstand...some of mine are books I hope to reread someday. And I hope you get some marvelous jewelry!

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  15. Yes. My Hub was out of town too. I got flowers but it was a bit empty a day. Hope yours went all right.

  16. I hope you got some lovely jewellery, my hubby was home but as far as he was concerned it was just another day!

    Have a great reading week,
    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  17. What a great package to receive. Fingers crossed on the jewellery x

  18. I've always been single so the only Valentine's Day pressies I've ever got have been from my mother. (Although perhaps there was a card or two back when I was at school!)

    It looks like you scored rather well though! :-)


  19. Cute package! The Year of Living Dangerously sounds interesting! :)

  20. Love the book gift!!! We dont do a lot for Valentines Day, my birthday is the same week. Every year I ask him not to bring me chocolates and every year he does.... sigh... hitting the gym :)

  21. Fantastic bookishness - glad that's what your post box holds ;))
    Having just returned from Tucson, I envy the man the sun and warmth ! I'm sitting just recovering from from -40C weather and
    waiting for an opp to get to my library to p up reserved holds :)

    Here's my MONDAY READING

  22. Awesome package, I love receiving little thoughtful gifts like that!! I didn't do anything special for Valentine's day, but there was chocolate involved! :) Oh and such great books there. I am currently reading The Nightingale and loving it so far.

  23. That's a nice bookish Valentine! Nothing like getting boks in the mail- and I liked your nightstand picks too. So many books in reach... :)

  24. Happy belated Valentine's Day! Your bookish valentine looked very cozy, especially the box with the candle, chocolate, and book. Mmm... Delicious in so many ways. Sorry your hupper wasn't there but glad you made the most of it. <3
    Glamorous Book Lounge

  25. The Valentine's package is such a lovely idea...and I hope you scored some lovely jewelry as well :-)

    Middlemarch was one of my favourite reads from my 20's. I'd love to reread it one day.


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