Sunday, May 24, 2015

Looking for Beach Reads?

Summer is when I dip my toes into lots of beach water.

The Côte d'Azur.

The Oregon Coast.

The Chicago lakeshore.

Whew! Beaches so cold I need a coat and gloves.

And our own beautiful Galveston Island beaches.

So, trust me.
I know beaches. 
And I know beach books. 

A lot of people like mindless books for beach books.

Light romance. Light mystery. Light travel.

That's okay.

I like light.
But I also like to take something with me when I go.

Here are some you might consider popping into your beach bag this summer:

An old favorite to reread. (To Kill a Mockingbird)

A western. (Lonesome Dove)
A classic you've always wanted to read. (The Glass Bead Game)
Some gentle poetry. (Ron Padgett)
Sci fi. (The Hobbit. And then The Lord of the Rings)
Popular fiction you've missed. (Girl on a Train)
A how-to book, to get you started doing something new. (Art Before Breakfast)
A huge nonfiction chunkster. (A Short History of Nearly Everything)
A self-help book, to get that peace-of-mind thing going. (The Happiness Project)
Something spiritual. (Traveling Mercies)

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  1. Very nice choices. I am on hold at the library for Girl on a Train. I have a feeling I might like it because some of the patrons that have been telling me they didn't like it. :)

    1. I held out against requesting Girl for months. Requested it ten weeks ago and it came in this week at the library. Yes, it's a perfect beach read.

  2. I'm not actually much of a beach girl, although I do love the Oregon Coast. Give me the mountains for a vacation, please. However, the concept remains the same regarding the reading. Nice choices you've suggested. :-)

    1. I like the mountains, too. But...Looking for Mountain Reading? Unfortunately, that just doesn't sound like summer to me.

  3. Such beautiful beaches! I've spent most of my time at Gulf of Mexico beaches but I love the variety. Great list of summer reads. I've been wanting to read the Bryson book.

  4. Good picks! Beach books don't have to be fluffy, in fact, it's better when they are a little bit of fluff and a lot of depth. Enjoy!

    I like what you had to say on my blog about clutter. I clear out, but I will never get rid of all of my collections. In fact some of my rooms will be layered with clutter because it makes me feel good (the kind of clutter that is sentimental). My office and my dining room are those rooms for things tucked away on shelves or in niches.

    Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

    1. I've never been one for fluff.

      Happy my thoughts on clutter/sentimental clutter resonated with you.

  5. Love the book choices AND those polka dot flip flops, too!!

  6. Nice list! Have you started your summer vacation yet? How's it going so far?

  7. Great pictures, and an intriguing book list as always. Of course it's nearly winter here, and all of your books seem great as wintery, curl up with a book kind of reads.

    1. Most of us are ego-centric, and most of us in the US are especially so. I always forget that only half the world is looking forward to summer.

  8. That's a great list! I'd love to read on a beach with you. We could swap books!

  9. OOoh pretty pictures. I don't live near any beaches. Plus our summers get brutally hot that I never want to be outside. So I basically read in my room with the AC on! ;)

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  10. I love that you have actually pictures from the beach not just a suggested reading list. Very nice!

  11. Love the photos you used to introduce your list--definitely sets the mood! Great list! I see The Girl on the Train is making a lot of lists this week ;)

    My TTT

  12. Girl on a Train is a fabulous choice. As is To Kill a Mockingbird- got to brush up before checking out the sequel. Have fun on all your summer bookish adventures!

  13. Love your post with pictures!! I miss living near the beach. For 16 years, my hubby and I lived about a half mile from the beach and use to spend quite a bit of time there on the beach taking walks and reading! Those were the days!

    Here is a link to my Top Ten Tuesday post for this week:

  14. I'm more of a heavier (adult or serious) reader myself when it comes to beach reads for some reason. Have you read The Happiness Project? I really enjoyed it although it would be nice to actually give it a shot one day. Did you?

  15. As always your post makes me smile. I am not sure some of your books "qualify" as book I'd call beach , but then you are a bigger beach book expert than I. I live in Washington.. There are few days that one can actually read at the beach in Washington because of wind. I think the last time I read at the beach (in Oregon) I was completely wrapped up in a beach towel and hiding behind an obstruction of some sort in order to read in the wind. Ha! I remember the book though, Olive Kitteridge.

  16. Hi,
    Nice post! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  17. I can't really read serious books on the beach when everyone around me is having fun but I hear that "Girl on the Train" is captivating everyone despite its darkness. Or maybe it's because of its darkness.

  18. Alas, I wan't able to get to my TTT this week, but I love your pictures. I don't have any beaches per say, but we do have a lovely lake to float in, just terrible for reading though :) I'm going to be reading To Kill a Mockingbird in June for a Classic readalong too. Nice post and mix of books.

  19. Lonesome Dove could be a perfect beach read. Thanks. I've always wanted to read this chunkster.


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