Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Virtual Children's Library

What's stopping you from reading today? No way to get to the library? No money to buy books?

Here's an idea from Dublin. You've got a phone, don't you? Here you go...

 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland...Andersen's Fairy Tales...Anne of Green Gables

 Arabian Nights...At the Back of the North Wind...A Girl of the Limberlost

 Just So Stories...The Pied Piper...Seven Little Australians

 The Jungle Book...A Little Princess...The Prince and the Pauper

 The Railway Children...The Wind in the Willows

Now...I just need to make some nice cards like the ones in Dublin 
and put them out in my Little Library. And zingo! A virtual children's library!


  1. What cool idea, unfortunately my phone is a brick so go goon that one

  2. So many codes for the children...
    Best, Synnöve

  3. Lovely to see something from my home town on your blog Deb! These are hugely popular, and who knows some kid might actually read a real book afterwards? :)

  4. wow, that IS amazing! thanks for sharing.

  5. What a fabulous idea & im particularly delighted to see an Aussie Classic in the list #AusReadingMonth

  6. I hope to someday have a phone with the ability to scan. Books would be a great idea.


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