Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ten Books I've Read Because Of Another Book Person

You should feel proud. You led me to these books. If not for you, I'd still be stuck reading the genre books I read when I was young. Thank you.

Gone With the Wind
Recommender: My mom

My mom was my first source of good books. She was also my first source of bad books. That's how it goes, I guess. She generously would bring home a huge stack of books for me each time she visited the public library while I was in school. Gone With the Wind was a huge hit with me. I was, maybe, twelve, and this book was incredible. Later, she got hooked on gothic novels and, to appease her, I would read all the gothics she brought home. I grew really, really tired of gothics, but I will always thank her for GWTW and for sharing her love of reading. Thank you, Mama.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Recommender: Professor teaching Philosophy of Education class

When I was in my second year of college, I signed up for a Philosophy of Education class. When I went to buy the books for the class, I saw there was only one book for the class, ZAMM. I bought it and started reading it the same day. A week later, I learned that not enough people had signed up for the class and it didn't make. I ended up taking a different section of this class with a different professor. By that time, it didn't matter because I'd already read the book and decided it was my favorite book of all time. It still is. Thank you, unknown University of Houston Philosophy of Education professor.

Where the Red Fern Grows
Recommender: My mentor teacher when I student-taught

The semester I student-taught, I worked with a wonderfully creative teacher as my mentor. She read aloud every day for fifteen minutes after lunch. One of the books she read aloud was Where the Red Fern Grows. I'm not a hunter or a huge dog lover; I would have never chosen that book. Yet I read it every year I taught fifth grade and it ended up on my list of favorite reads ever. Thank you, Candy Morgan.

The Secret History
The Gold Bug Variations
Recommender: Helen Hall Library, League City, Tx.

I discovered I could get a library card in the town in which I worked, and thus discovered the Helen Hall Library in League City, Texas. Oh my. I don't know who to thank for the books that were purchased for this library, but the new book shelf became a once-a-week stop for me on my way home from work. These books were light years from the mostly-mystery books my own town's library typically stocked, books that made every major award list in America and England. Thank you, Helen Hall Library.

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
Recommender: My online book club

When we first got a home computer and connected to the Internet, I joined an online book club. I was surrounded, metaphorically speaking, for the first time in my life by brilliant readers. Many people who went on to start blogs were people I met through this group. Thank you, online book club.

A Fine Balance
Recommender: My sister. And Oprah.

It was my sister who put me onto the Oprah books. I went on to read (and, almost without exception, to love) every Oprah book. Thank you, Cathy. And Oprah.

Isaac's Storm
Recommender: My husband

When I first met my husband-to-be, he claimed he was reading the exact same book I was. Pretty strong recommendation for a husband. Since that time, he has read very few books. Sadly. But one book he read and shared with me was Isaac's Storm. I went on to read every book by Erik Larson. Every book was excellent. Thank you, my love.

Mrs. Mike
Recommender: A fellow blogger

Bloggers are my best source for good book recommendations these days. You know who you are. Thank you, my fellow bloggers.

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  1. We share a love of Gone With the Wind and (with a few more reservations) The Secret History!

    I also have A Fine Balance on my TBR pile as a recommendation from someone in my old book group.
    If this TTT comes around again I can add you to the growing list of bloggers who love everything that Erik Larson writes - one day I will read one. I promise.

  2. Mrs. Mike! I loved that book when I was in high school. Great list!

  3. I remember watching the movie Gone with the Wind when I was in high school (I rented it on vhs from the local video store right before a snow storm, and I watched it a million times in that week we got off from school) and then I found the book!

  4. The Secret History is one I have been wanting to get to! Soon hopefully. Great list!

  5. My parents (mostly my mom) really encouraged my love of reading too by being so indulgent when I wanted to basically move into the bookstore. And Where The Red Fern Grows- it made me sad but it's an amazing book.

  6. Love that not everything on your list is contemporary, new or YA. It's an intelligent list and I find it very intriguing. I have never read Gone with the Wind or Where the Red Fern Grows, but have seen the movies and loved them.

  7. GWTW, A Fine Balance, and, most of all, Mrs. Mike - some of the best books EVER. I am so glad to see Mes/ Mike on your list!

  8. My grandmother was my original book pusher and then went on to be a IRL friend (who happens to be a blogger as well) and then the blogging community. Who knows what I'd be reading if not for everyone here in the blogosphere. Great list! Mrs. Mike is on my TBR - probably because of a blogger!

  9. Donna Tartt has been recommended to me so many times - I'll have to get to her soon. :)
    Check out my TTT.

  10. Excellent books here. it's nice when someone close to you gives you a read that changes your life in a good way.

  11. I love Mrs. Mike. the ultimate romance.

  12. I read Readerbuzz paper and pencil in hand. thanks for the good recommendations.

  13. I too, always appreciate having my reading challenged by others. Youve got quite a list here.


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