Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Words That Will Instantly Make Me NOT Want to Read a Book

I rarely read books like these.

Note: I am not standing in judgment of you if you love one of these categories. Read away. Please don't judge me either.

These are in order from slightly annoying to completely and totally avoided.

Graphic Novel...There's something about the sparsity of the text that disappoints me.

Sappy Children's Book...especially when the kid on the cover oh-so-badly needs a time-out.

Gothic Novel...My mom's favorite genre. I think I read every single gothic novel there is when I was a child.

Romance with Brawny Man on the Cover...Self-explanatory, I think.

Books in a Series. One of my odd pet peeves. 

Thriller. I'd go so far to say I don't really care for any books by male authors, but that sounds a little extreme.

Religious Fiction. And Preachy Religious Nonfiction.

TV or Movie or Toy Tie-in. I instinctively know: Not well-written.

Scary. I have never done scary. I will never do scary.

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  1. I knew that scary would be at the top of your list... I'm not much of a series reader either, who can sustain interest over 3 books? Let alone 7 or 10? I don't mind an occasional murder mystery, but not so much a thriller. And I am trying to work on my aversion to graphic novels. I've learned to really like verse novels, so maybe it can be done.

    1. I've gotten better with graphic novels as I've gotten older. I've run across a few that I like.

  2. Oh man. I so agree about the graphic novels. They're just not my thing.
    My list here: https://runwright.net/2017/04/25/books-to-avoid/ I forgot to include graphic novel. I might go back and update it.

  3. Sappy Children's book and TV and toy-tie in would so be on my list too. My TTT link

  4. No judgement here. :-) I don't think I could make a steady diet of graphic novels for the very reason you mention. I have found some good ones, but so many seem lacking to me.

    Haha! Yes, that child on the cover of the children's book needs a good time out.

    I cringe every time my daughter wants the movie/TV tie-in book. I have a bad habit of asking her, "Really? Are you sure you want this one? How about this one instead?" I'm trying to let her choose more of her own books, however, to help encourage her to read books she wants to read and support her independence. It doesn't mean I can't still steer her in other directions now and then (she's young so I take advantage of this), but I try to aim for compromise. I want her to be excited about and love reading.

    Thank you for sharing, Deb! I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. Good list--interesting about series. I actually prefer a big, honkin' book to 8 or nine volumes, but the average reader today has an attention span of a nano-second so they must get carved up to sell I think.

  6. Book series are my absolute favorite, its strange seeing someone who doesn't like them though.

  7. Hahah, think of how sad Fabio would be to hear number 4 :p I think it's a good general rule that if you would be too embarrassed to be seen reading a book because of it's cover, it's probably not a good buy.

    My TTT.

  8. I totally avoid the tv and movie tie-ins. I'm definitely not a huge fan. I've avoided the Doctor Who and Star Wars books for this reason. Gothic novels are not high up on my list either.

  9. Funny that we both chose Pet Sematary as an example! I am so with you on the half naked man covered romance - never!

  10. Great list. It's so nice that we all know what we do and don't like. I like some Gothic-like books but that cover - I would have so not read it. My mom was hooked on Harlequin which may be why I avoid them like the plague now. I LOVE horror and scary but it's not for everyone. I like reading graphic novels but I refuse to buy them - unless there is a dog in them...because you know....I'm a dog freak.

  11. Nice list! See some that I agree with, others...I'm likely to read it if it's interesting!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  12. In my mind, there are two types of graphic novels--those that read like an illustrated summary of a "real" book, and those that ARE real books. I don't know quite what makes the difference, but I like the second type as much as I dislike the first type. Otherwise, I'm in agreement with your list. I mention about half of them on my list too!

  13. I also stay clear from romances with muscley men on the cover. It does nothing for me and just puts me off. I'm actually quite fond of series', but I do avoid the longer ones (especially if the books are the size of bricks) because they take up so much time and I can't imagine that they actually /need/ to be that long. I'm also not one for thriller or scary, and I agree with you that movie tie-ins are almost always terrible as a rule. As for religious fiction, I can't say that I've read that much but I know I'd hate anything preachy, although I do like some books with religious undertones. I find the symbolism really interesting.

  14. Scary and romance are not my style, either.

  15. You and I were pretty simpatico again this week. I am cracking up about your comment about children on book covers when it clearly looks like the child needs a time out.

  16. I've really tried with graphic novels but I don't think they're for me either. That I'll Love You Forever book is just creepy! I mean I get the message is sweet but the part where the mother essentially breaks into her grown child's house is not cute or sweet or anything. She has some boundary issues! I've read my share of those tie in books and they're awful. I think they might just be computer generated because surely no human could write that badly. Great list!

  17. Harlequin Romance-type covers are a definite turn off for me!

  18. Awesome list! I also don't care for books that are movie tie ins. If I want to see how the story plays out, I'll just watch the movie.

    Here’s my TTT!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

  19. Haha - romance with a brawny man on the cover did make me laugh, and I agree with you on that one! Great list!

  20. I do not like psychological thrillers but I love King and GOOD (well written like Anne Rice or Cronin) stories about Vampires. I do NOT like Zombies.


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