Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Salon: Houston Puppetry Festival

The Houston Puppetry Festival was yesterday and everywhere there were puppets, puppets, puppets. Shark puppets. Clown puppets. Sandwich puppets. Sock puppets. Spoon puppets. Wolf puppets. An enormous full body puppet you wear as a costume. King puppets. Vampire puppets. Puppets, puppets, puppets.

I carried LaToya along with me and got lots of help from master puppeteers. LaToya behaved herself pretty well.

Great day.


  1. Oh, those are sweet! ... Being a children's librarian must be a great job (especially if you get to read the books sometimes...)
    I have the Kate Atkinson book on my stack too...haven't read her before.

  2. Oh what fun! I love me some puppets.

  3. I love puppets and wish we had a better tradition in this area in the UK. It would be great if they were accorded the same respect here that they have in France. I'm glad you had a good day.


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