Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Never Win Anything...Except...

Last night I treated myself to a double dose of author readings with Ann Patchett and Anne Enright through the Imprint Reading Series in Houston. I was happy to discover there are no parking fees after six pm. When I arrived at Kilkha Hall in the Hobby Center in Houston, I was approached by a man asking if I needed a ticket for the readings. I told him yes and he gave me an extra ticket he'd purchased for his wife who wasn't able to come. I was delighted.

I handed my ticket to the usher and he said, "Oh, you have a gold ticket. You may sit in the special reserved seating up front!"

Where did I end up sitting? In the FRONT ROW! And who was I sitting next to? ANN PATCHETT AND ANNE ENRIGHT! I got to listen to two brilliant writers quietly comment as the other presented little pieces of her writing. Amazing!

Then, when I got home, I was thrilled to see I had an e-mail from Dewey. I am the winner of her contest sponsored by Hatchett Books this week. And what do I win? Not one book, but ELEVEN! Dewey and Hatchett are giving away more, so check out her site.

I am walking on air.


  1. What a perfect day...Ann Patchett, Anne Enright, and free books!! Great blog, too - I found you via a link from an online book club we share.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Joann! Hope to see you again...here and at our online book club!

  3. Wow, you had one of THOSE days, didn't you?

    Both times I've seen authors read in my town, it was because someone at work had tickets and couldn't go! And both times they were favorite writers of mine: T.C. Boyle and Margaret Atwood (with Valerie Martin, whom I started reading after that).

  4. Pardon my outburst but...

    HOLY CRAP!!!

    That's amazing! I bet you had a fabulous time. Now send some of that stellar luck this way. ;)


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