Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"I'm Riding the Frog Bus!"

I have afternoon bus duty at my primary school. Yesterday, we had a new bus rider.

All our buses have animal pictures to go with the bus number, to help the kids remember which bus they ride on. The teacher told the new bus rider, "You will ride on the frog bus."

He broke into a big smile and started singing, over and over, "I'm riding the frog bus! I'm riding the frog bus!"

A teacher said me how much she missed the days when just getting to ride on the frog bus would make her so happy.

The truth is that I feel just like that new bus rider. I feel like singing over and over, "I'm going to the Texas Book Festival! I'm going to the Texas Book Festival!"

It's this weekend. And Saturday is my birthday, too.

Can life get any better?


  1. That's such a great idea to put animals on the buses!! And have a great time...and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. We use animals on our buses, too. Today we took a field trip on the octopus bus. :)

    Happy Birthday!


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