Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hour 23: More Books

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I finished several books in the last hours and I feel compelled to post a little about each:

The Old Man and the Sea was possibly the worse choice I've ever made for a read-a-thon. The old man spends most of the book fighting the fish, weary, exhausted, tired. I'm not at all interested in fish but Hemingway is a writer I like, spare and lean.

The Great Fire is a look at the Chicago Fire. It moved fast and, because of a series of errors, spread over much of the city. Jim Murphy knows how to write nonfiction.

Years of Dust examines the Dust Bowl years, the causes, the problems, the way things resolved themselves. It could happen again.

The Black Pearl is the story of a boy who seeks a big pearl and finds it. The boy's father is lost at sea and the boy feels certain he must set things to rights with the pearl.

Afternoon of the Elves is the story of a friendship between Sara-Kate and Hillary. Sara-Kate unexpectedly shows Hillary an elf village in her backyard and Hillary becomes intrigued. The story is quite mysterious. Love the ending.


  1. Wow, you're doing great, keep it up!! :-) We're almost there!!

  2. keep it up :D
    And you live you learn, I certainly know what to pick when i enter


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