Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hour 3: Member of the Wedding

Hour 3 had me responding to a mini-challenge (quite hopelessly as I knew only one of the book covers pictured and made a mad guess at one other...unlikely to win this one).

Then I finished The Member of the Wedding. Third book of the Read-a-Thon. Third excellent book of the Read-a-Thon. I am marvelling at how odd it is that I've finished three books in three hours and they were all three excellent reads.

Frankie provides our eyes and ears for A Member of the Wedding and what a view she gives us readers! Frankie is poised on the edge of childhood and adulthood, that awful spot we now call adolescence, but she is not sitting quietly on the edge; she is teetering back and forth between the worlds and it is not a happy place to be. She has lost her connections to her world. There are only two who try to call her back into the world: Berenice, the housekeeper, and her cousin, John Henry. As Frankie questions the world, Berenice is the voice of the grownup world, trying to ease Frankie into the new world. At the same time, John Henry is the voice of Frankie's childhood, urging her to play, to experience the world, to forget the world of thinking. Frankie's one hope becomes her desire to escape and join her brother and his new wife after their wedding. Of course, this does not happen and Frankie goes back to her world, but she is not the same person she once was.

What a rich, marvelous book! I could read it all over again and I think I would love it just as much. Frankie's encounter with the soldier...the monkey and the monkey owner...the Freaks....the noises and the pictures the author draws of this world...a rich, rich story.


  1. Wow, very impressive that you finished a book already! Awesome!

  2. Wow, that's great that you've been able to finish so many books already!! And that you've enjoyed them all--even better! Keep up the great work :-) And thanks for the updates!!

  3. I was really bad at Bart's mini-challenge too! That book sounds great: I'm glad you had such a wonderful way to start the read-a-thon. :)


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