Saturday, December 5, 2009

Readathon: Last Christmas Picture Books

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

My favorite kind of story...bad guy sees the error of his ways and turns good. Ages 12 up. 10/10.

A Child's Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas read by the author

Ages 12 up.

A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote illustrated by Beth Peck

I read this every Christmas. Can't help but love this little tale. Ages 10 up. 10/10.

The Teachers' Night Before Christmas by Steven Layne illustrated by James Rice

More for teachers than for kids. A big thank you, teachers. Ages 8-12. 7/10.

Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini illustrated by Henry Cole

Moose is practically perfect and he's ready for Christmas. Almost. Oops. He forgot one thing---the tree. What to do? Ages 6-10. 8.5/10.

The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy by Jane Thayer illustrated by Lisa McCue

This puppy wants a boy for Christmas. But all the boys appear to be taken. Ages 6-10. 9/10.

I See Santa Everywhere by Glenn McCoy

Santa is watching. All the time. Everywhere. Best part: end. Ages 6-10. 8.5/10.

Santa Calls by William Joyce

A box arrives; Santa calls. Art, Spaulding, and Esther head off to the North Pole. Best part: Letters at the end. Ages 8-12. 9/10.

Brave Santa by Nancy Poydar

Jack's too shy to talk to Santa. He finally gathers up his courage to approach Santa, but where is he? Santa, too, it seems, is shy. Ages 4-8. 8/10.

Texas Night Before Christmas written and illustrated by James Rice

Cowboy Santa arrives on the ranch. Ages 6-10. 8/10.

Drummer Boy by Loren Long

The little drummer boy gets knocked about, carried off to a garbage dump and the top of a big city, until he finally returns back home. Ages 5-10. 9/10.

I Wish Santa Would Come by Helicopter by Amanda Haley

A boy has lots of wishes about Santa, but his mom shows the down side of his dreams. Ages 3-8. 8/10.

Santa's Crash-Bang Christmas by Steven Kroll and illustrated by Tomie DePaola

It's one of those days and Santa keeps banging into things. And how did a polar bear end up in his bag of toys? Ages 5-10. 8/10.

Santa's Book of Names by David McPhail

Santa needs a little help reading his book of names and gifts. Edward has trouble reading. Can he help Santa? Ages 5-10. 9/10.

Merry Un-Christmas written by Mike Reiss and illustrated by David Catrow

Noelle gets a new doll and a new bike and a pony every day. Every day is Christmas where Noelle lives. Every day except one. The day Noelle looks forward to. Un-Christmas Day. Ages 6-10. 9/10.

NPR Holiday Favorites

Doubtful if there is much here for kids. But I wanted something to end my day of reading that would send me off to sleep. Perfect end to a busy reading day.

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  1. How fun that you're reading Christmas picture books for the read-a-thon! Happy reading!


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