Saturday, April 10, 2010

Readathon: Hour 3: Et les candidats agréés sont...

Here is a fun challenge for hour 3:
Mini-Challenge from 'Til We Read Again:

Favorite Female Character in a book: Anne of Green Gables' Anne

Favorite Male Character in a book: To Kill a Mockingbird's Atticus Finch

Favorite Side Kick in a book: Drover in the Hank the Cowdog series

Favorite Couple in a Book: Scarlet and Rhett in Gone With the Wind

Favorite Book Series: Janet Evanovich

Favorite Author: New favorite is M.F.K, Fisher

Favorite Book Cover: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Favorite Book of 2009: Catching Fire comes to mind
Agree? Disagree?


  1. Yes, Anne is a great character! I didn't participate in this meme, but my answer for Favorite Book of 2009 is The Help. I've never read any M.F.K. Fisher. Any recommendations?

  2. I've only read three of the books on your list and whilst I sort of agree about Anne, I'm afraid I can't agree about your choice of favourite male character or indded your favourite couple. A great challenge though,it's going to occupy my mind for quite a while I can tell you. Good luck with the readathon.

  3. I love your list! I always have a brian fail when I am asked to think these things up!

  4. You are just fantastic!!! Mon Dieu - qu'est-ce que je dit???? Pardon....Vous etre fantastique....j'aime beaucoup votre video....j'adore Madeline et je voudrai voyager a Paris l'annee next (because I can't remember the French word)...I wish to re-enact that song about driving around Paris when she's 30 - only I'll be 50!@!!

  5. Great challenge, sorry I missed it.

    I might lift this idea and publish my own list on my blog ... hmmmm.


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