Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top Ten Words I Love

Top Ten Words I Love

10. Serendipity
Life as play.

9. Paradox
All truth is paradoxical.
I don't know why.

8. Quirky
My real friends call me this,
not the harsher "crazy".

7. J'aime
In French, this is pronounced "jim" and means "I love".
My husband's name is Jim.
It is fun to say, "J'aime Jim." 

6. Zephyr
I like words that start with "z".

5. Whimsy
I wish we had more of this in life.
I wish we had more of this in algebra.

4. Czechoslovakia
I planned to name my two children
this and "Yugoslavia."
Sadly, I grew up
and named them Jon and Ben.

3. Maranatha
The beautiful word I use in silent prayer.
It means, "Come, Lord Jesus."

2. Books

1. Yes
Studies show that just hearing the word "yes"
makes people happy.

What are the Top Ten Words You Love?

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  1. Was it a Judy Blume book or a Beverly Clearly book where the little girl named her doll Mercedes? I think it might have been Ramona, but I'm not sure.

    And from one quirky gal to another...great list of words.

  2. This is something to ponder today. I've never thought about words I love to hear or say. I do like quirky. It always makes me think of someone or something that is a little different but lots of fun. Have a great day.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. Nice list! Zephyr and whimsy are definitely fun :D

    I gotta say I love mischievous and malevolent :) Must be the Mmmms.

  4. Fjord! So much fun to say.

    Also, I really like the word "adept" for no good reason I can think of.

  5. I love quirky! I had whimsical on my list! :)

  6. I love your list! I really wanted to pick a word or two from a foreign language for my list but I was drawing a blank!

  7. Love your comment on Czechoslovakia! My son is eternally grateful that I did not stick to my idea that I wanted to name my first child "Cosmo Fritz." (Don't ask me why. I remember it being one of those really intellectual conversations we had in college....)

  8. I like phantasmagoria and brouhaha.

  9. Yes, your list is full of whimsy and that makes me happy! I also wish Algebra had more of it too. Czechoslovakia would be an interesting place to visit even though for me that seems paradoxical too. J'aime books and your list as well! Keep on finding the serendipity in life! :D

  10. This is such a great little list! Thanks for sharing. I love the word whimsy. I can think of quite a few outcomes where I wouldn't want to hear the word yes but quite a few where I would.

  11. So funny about naming your children! Zephyr is a great word!

  12. Oh I love quirky too! And paradox is another good one.

  13. I have always vowed that I was going to start a journal of words - favorite words and unusual words. This post may be my first entry :)

    My favorite of your group: J'aime Jim --- priceless.

    When I was a child - probably around 5 - I distinctly remember telling my parents that my favorite words were hominy --- and Chimney Rock (the name of a street in Houston where good friends lived)

    This post put a smile on my face!!

  14. Discombobulate & mumchance, I try to fit them where I can even on my comments box intro ;-)

  15. Mumchance, eh? New to me...so I'm off to discover what mumchance means...Thanks!

  16. Okay. No wonder I don't know what mumchance means. It means silent. No one has ever called me that.

  17. I'm glad to meet another person who loves the word zephyr!


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