Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog Hop: Where in the World?

From this week's Literary Blog Hop,
Robyn asks: What setting (time or place)
from a book or story would you most like to visit?

I inherited some strange genetic combination
of both my father's love for travel with
my mother's deep desire to never leave her house.

Luckily for me, I have books.

And from my travels via books,
I've determined most that I really
don't want to be anywhere but here.

Here is my list of
places/times I would NOT want to visit:

The World is Not Enough by Zoe Oldenbourg
Life in the 12th century.
"It's an epic of multiple pregnancies, miscarriages,
births, diseases, wounds, deaths, infidelities,
debts, superstitions, treacheries, feuds, battles,
flea-ridden castles, mud, cold, mold,
damp, dust, heat, flies, mosquitoes, and
other assorted attractions of the good ol' days."

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
Life in a future dystopia.
If you thought the past was
bad for women,
this picture of a future is worse.

Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi
Tehran in the last century was not
a nice place for women.
Especially independent-minded women.
Nafisi established
a secret reading group for women in Tehran.
Here's a bit from my review
"Nafisi's group faces bullets and beheadings,
yet the most awful horror is the day-to-day
slow death of the world of the imagination."

Shooting the Boh by Tracy Johnson
A middle-aged woman travels to Borneo.
A little from my review:
"...Gimme a second here (pant, pant)...
Let this leech off my leg...
Ouch!...Jeez...another beesting!...And...what?...
What the heck is that GROWING ON MY FEET???..."

I hope you did better than I did.
Have you found some lovely
places/times to visit via books?


  1. I love the description of your parents' opposing travel psyches :) I definitely identify with your mom; that doesn't stop me from thinking I want to visit here there and everywhere, it's just that if I take steps toward actually doing it, I quickly think, oh not, that's not for me :)
    By the way, did you ever get any snow?

  2. If you're interested in snow, I can send you some of the 20 inches that fell on my world last Tuesday night :)

    Funny, I love the thought of traveling around the world, and would do that in a heartbeat. But lately I find myself turning down invitations to things across town because I just don't feel like going out.

  3. Is there absolutely nowhere that ignites a spark in your curiosity, some dark corner of a book, that you would inhabit, cosy down & enjoy.

  4. Oh dear, perhaps I am sounding like a curmudgeon today, whining about all the awful places books have taken me. Please forgive me. I'm trapped at home, a snow-less Snow Day here in southeast Texas.

  5. What an interesting answer. And I think I agree in a lot of ways. There's very few books where I'd want to go live in them so much as I love going to visit the real or imagined worlds they have inside of their pages.

  6. Love your blog! I'm a new follower and stopping by to say hi!
    Natalie :0)
    Thanks for stopping by my bog.

  7. I'm like your mother, as I seem to like leaving the house more and more with each time I must do so.

    I like your NOT list and have only read one of them, The Handmaid's Tale.

  8. I totally agree on those places where you don't want to go. I wonder what you parents do in their holidays? :-)

    Check my favorite place here:

  9. Hey, thanks for stopping by our page! I think I would like to visit ancient Greece or Rome... I love that time period.
    Have a weekend!

  10. thanks for hopping by. I love your blog. will definite return to follow, clicks not going through. WE, Lone Star citizens are really getting our share of weather this year. eeekk.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I'm with you on the places you listed, both the ones I've visited in books myself, and the ones I know from your descriptions :-).

  12. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm now following your blog. I think one place I thought sounded amazing was Kefalonia, as it appears in Captain Corelli's Mandolin. I think the film (which I think was filmed on a different island) only made me want to visit the Greek islands even more but my husband is like your Mum!

  13. Found you on the blog hop.
    I've done it the other way round...written a novel about a woman who loves to read too much, in a place I love, in the South of France. I have a bookish blog with a growing archive of background material that I hope will enhance the book. Hop over and see me if you like!

  14. That's a really interesting/awful cover on A HANDMAID'S TALE. Wow. Should I wish you good luck on future reads?? LOL

    Hopping by.

  15. I am currently trying to get people to read Demons are a girls best friend.. come check out my blog

    Outhouse Reviews
    have a great weekend

  16. I could think of quite a few places I didn't want to go as well. Atwood's Gilead would definitely be among them.

    Here is my post:

  17. Old follower dropping by! Have a great weekend!
    My Bookish Ways

  18. Places to visit which I have done only via books is Provence and Varanasi. Both on my to do list.
    Didnt want to go - I dont think coming from tropical Sri Lanka I will be able to face the snow that the US seems buried under!

  19. Hopping through. I love traveling and have seen a lot of Asia and Europe. I'd love to go to Egypt and Israel, although I think it'll be quite awhile before that's safe.
    My Hop

  20. So you love to travel and stay at home. Wow, I so agree with that. I hate leaving my house. But the internet and reading gives me so much more. Those books so very interesting I actually added one to my wishlist.

    Thanks for hopping by my blog!!

  21. The World is not Enough doesn't sound very appealing as a place, but it was a wonderful book!

  22. All four of these were wonderful books, Susan, but none of them take place in spots I'd be willing to visit in person.

  23. I love to travel via books as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm a new follower.

    Somer @ A Bird's Eye Review

  24. Armchair travel is definitely safest!

  25. Me gusta leer tambien..Hopping by from the blog hop....

    Stop by my blog if you like to see my answer and to read my reviews.

    Have a fun hop.

  26. Thanks for stopping by, I am an old follower. I love your reviews. I do not read a great deal of nofiction but I am always intrigued by it. I can live vicariously through your reviews. :)

  27. I like your take on this question -- the places described in these books aren't anywhere I'd like to physically visit either (though Iran might be interesting).

  28. You have some great books on here. I recently bookmooched 'Reading of Lolita in Tehran"... can't wait til it arrives!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    And the plot thickens...

  29. I stopped by your blog today. Your inherited travel and non-travel genes made me laugh.

  30. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your answers. I would definitely not want to be in The Handmaid's Tale world. Borneo sounds like fun, but I'm a little afraid of having things growing on my feet or bugs or anything strange like that.


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