Friday, February 4, 2011

My First Snow Day

School was cancelled today. We're under
a Severe Weather Alert. Usually this means,
for those of us who live along the balmy
Gulf coast of Texas, that a hurricane is approaching

Not today.  Snow, we were told, was imminent.
We were under a Winter Storm Warning.

I eagerly checked outside
several times during the school day yesterday.
Took off my gloves. Studied the sky. Nada.

I woke up several times last night
and raced to the front porch.
A little rain. And the porch felt slippery,
like there might be ice.

But I was pretty disappointed
 to see this when I checked again
at five this morning:

My regular green world.

A teeny-tiny bit of ice on the front porch.
It was enough for my husband to slip on it
this morning and fall down the concrete steps.

My bird bath. Frozen.

And that's it.
Snow-less.  A snow-less Snow Day.


  1. I can hear you from here. Snickering. You are up to your necks in snow and your schools are open anyway. Snow day? I can almost hear you saying. That's a snow day?

  2. What a disappointing snow day! I don't get snow days where I live because snow is just a part of life. Whenever I hear places in the south having snow days, I laugh because I think, "They don't know what snow is."

  3. You are right, Jenni Elyse: we do not know what snow is. Oh well. When I consider that my husband managed to slip and fall down our steps this morning because of the ice, perhaps it is best that we did not attempt to carry on with school today. Who knows how many others might have been hurt?

  4. I guess it's hard when you're not used to snow. We had a snow day last week and a winter storm warning, but that's because they were expecting a foot or two... or more of snow. I still had to go to work though. I like snow though, it can be a lot of fun... as long as there isn't too much. I only really worry when they start using the word "blizzard" in an official way.

  5. I totally understand your disappointment. Sometimes I wonder how the science of meteorology can be so far off the mark?

    On the other hand,we have almost twice as much snow here as normal and I a bit ready for it all to blow past and bring the blustery winds of March.

  6. We did receive ice. Why is ice not as thrilling as snow?

    Wish there was a way to share the snow....

  7. Sorry your first snow day was a let down. But it's pretty impressive that you got a day off for even the suggestion of snow, that they didn't wait for the reality of snow. I imagine lots of parents wouldn't have been that impressed to have the kids home for just a hint of snow.


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