Monday, May 6, 2013

23 Book Reviews!

23 Books Reviewed!

Who isn’t intrigued by the sinking of the Titanic? 
As Brewster reminds us, even people who have never heard the old Greek myths 
know the mythic...more

It was that phrase “invisible women” that made you pick up this book, wasn’t it? 
Yes, and I suspect that you know what that means. I do. I think all...more

It’s a confusing world. Nathan Lochmueller drifts into professional birdwatching,
earning just enough money to make it...more

You probably know this story. 
A young woman loses her job and decides 
to try what she does best and open a cupcake cafe. 
You know there will be a Bad Boy...more

This is Not a Book, and This is Not a Review. 
This is a Dance. This is a After-Dinner Mint. 
This is a Cupcake. But This is Not a Book, and This is Not a Review.

If you love picture books, old or new, 
you will love this book of interviews with picture book illustrators. 
They are all here, all the artists you love...more

Mem Fox keeps things simple and that’s exactly what I needed 
after listening to experts harangue the schools and teachers last week 
at the International Reading Association conference...more

Maya was grumpy. We all get grumpy sometimes. 
But then we get over it. Good book to share with children.

If it says Disney, you get Disney. 
If it says My Little Pony, you get My Little Pony. 
If you like...more

When you have been raised by wolves, you tend to be a bit incorrigible. That’s okay. 
It gives you a bit of strong-minded-ness that is often lacking in...more

Yes, go ahead. Write this book. You can do it. P. Bosch will help you. 
It will be fun. Maybe even more fun than reading a book. Go ahead. Write it. 

I’ve read all the short holiday Jack Prelutsky poetry books...
It’s Halloween!...It’s Valentine’s Day...It’s Christmas! 
But I’ve never taken on one of...more

Creatures so odd that no one can really believe they exist. 
I could share some of these details but that would ruin the fun. 
Read it. You will like it...more

Zany. A pudding that everyone wants to steal. 
You better not take your eyes off that pudding for one second. 
Even people you trust will do anything to...more

Lovely little board book that tells the story of an oak tree for our youngest readers.

Another 1001 book read. 
Adventure. Action. Pirates. 
Cannibals. Murder. Treasure. Mystery. 
What more does a book need?

Daily life in frog families is a hectic time. 
Imagine dealing with 999 offspring...more

This graphic novel takes traditional giant-battling knight stories and 
turns them on their heads, throwing in a powerful giant-battling girl and...more

I’ve been wanting to read this book for months. 
I’ve seen its mysterious cover on tens of blogs. 
I’ve read tens of reviews of it, all of them raves....more

Oh, the voice in this story! Snarky. Clever. Delicious. Perfect.

What if Hitler had a daughter? 
And what if this daughter was born with imperfections? 
And what if this daughter was hidden away from the public...more

The Nargun isn’t happy and that’s is not good. 
Men are tearing up the lovely forest and the Nargun will not put up with this. 
A lovely ecology-minded...more

The apocalypse has happened and Ben has survived. 
He has a gift; he can whisper to animals. 
Somehow, he makes his way to Taronga Zoo where he discovers...more

What are you reading today?!

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  1. Wow! Amazing looking books! Hope you have a great new week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. 23 books! You're sensational.

  3. My daughter is a huge My Little Pony fan she would love Under The Sparkling Sea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Whew. I've been slacking. What a lot of great books you got through this week!

  5. 23 books reviewed, you are amazing and so many great titles. I've been meaning to pick up something else by Jackie French, I really liked Nanberry. My niece loves the Pseudonymous Bosch books.
    Have a great week and happy reading :)

  6. You're amazing, Deb! I love your review of This is Not a Book. My son's reading Wonder right now. Enjoy your week.

  7. You did well!! I am STILL going slow! Too slow!!

    Here is my post!!

  8. OMG What a fabulous week!!! Congrats!!!

  9. Oh wow, so many familiar titles here and a lot of beloved ones. Norman Lindsay's The Magic Pudding is a laugh-out-loud type of book - absolutely brilliant - a true classic - same caliber as Phantom Tollbooth.
    Pseudonymous Bosch is a personal favorite and I have the complete secret series - I have to check out this one - it looks like something my eleven year old daughter would enjoy. Pinning this one. :)

  10. The Hitler's Daughter book seems interesting. I like the idea of 'what ifs' when it comes to real life events and people. Though I've read none... Perhaps I should! Haha

  11. Wow! You read these in just one week? Impressive. You have many of my favs on this list, especially Wonder.
    I love Prelutsky's poetry, and Lemony Snicket's series is fantastic too. Great week of reading!

  12. Congrats on reading and reviewing so many!

  13. Wow. You've been busy!

    I haven't thought about The New Kid on the Block in decades. That picture was slammed packed with nostalgia for me.

  14. I've read all the Shel Silverstein...why have I skipped Jack Prelutsky?!


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