Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Amazing Poetry Books for People Who Say They Don't Like Poetry

Amazing Poetry Collections 
for People Who Say They Don't Like Poetry

Start with these early-on and 
we won't have any sad, poetry-less souls in the world.

Aimed at teens. Good for anybody.

Favorite poems.

Good poems.

Great poets read their own poems in their own voices.

Quirky short poems.
Short enough to appear on subways and buses.

You know what they say...
"A poem a day keeps the doctor away."

It's not just the best.
It's the best of the best.

Not only beautiful words,
but beautiful words written in beautiful traditional forms.

Book titles arranged to make poetry.

The book that first sold me on poetry.

What did I forget? 

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  1. Ooooh great post! Sounds very good for me! =D

    Here's my Top Ten!

    ~Stephanie @ Bookfever

  2. Great freebie theme. I actually like poetry but am scared to pick up English ones because it is not my mother tongue. Might have to try one of these suggestions to get a grip on it.

  3. Poetry is the trickiest to read in a second language, I think. Poetry and jokes. At least for me.

  4. I 've got a couple of Keillor's poetry anthologies. Love to have them on hand to read a poem or two at a time.

  5. Great list.

    I like Shel Silverstein's song lyrics - guess I should try some of his poetry.

    I would add T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats to the list, and a good collection of limericks, on the principle that you can coax people into reading more serious and longer poems by starting them out with light and/or funny verse.

  6. When I was a kid, there was this old woman that would come to our elementary classes once or twice a year and read Shel Silverstein poems. She knew half of them by heart and it was always so fun to sing/say them along with her as we came to know them by heart as well.
    Stacy Renee @ LazyDayLiterature

  7. Interesting topic! I have never read much poetry so I may consult this list to break into it! Nice picks!

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Nice topic choice, very unique. I have never really been a big poetry reader but I may have to check out a few of these. Thanks for stopping by my TTT.

  9. Awesome list! I need to read more poetry, I've always been interested in it but I've never really delved in!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!!

  10. Love your list! People really should read more poetry. I should read more poetry! I find "Strong measures" very compelling. Maybe I'll pick it up next time at the library. Also, I find it kind of fun to call a collection of good poems "Good poems" - it's so .... daring. :)

  11. Cool list!!! I was definitely one of those people who thought they didn't like poetry. But then I took a creative writing class and we were forced to read it and write it and I found an appreciation for it. Where the Sidewalk Ends is totally classic and awesome.

    Thanks for stopping by My TTT

  12. I actually won a copy of Sorted Books on a twitter giveaway last month, I just need the time to check it out. Great picks!

    Thanks for stopping by my top ten!

  13. This is a very helpful list! I rarely read poetry and I'm not sure where to start, I'll have to check out one of these. I especially like the idea of "Sorted books". :)

  14. I just introduced my daughter to Shel Silverstein because she isn't a big reader -- she LOVED it! Great list :)

    My TTT

  15. Yes, how bold is that?! "These are Good Poems." Strong.

  16. Now these books would be perfect for me, as I'm one of those people who doesn't really like poetry.

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT! :)

  17. I like poetry, although I rarely read it. I'm not a big fan of American poets though (no offense), I like French the most. Like: Charles Baudelaire, Jacques Prévert, ...
    Thanks for stopping by my TTT.

  18. Great choices, Deb! Shel Silverstein is a real favourite of mine.


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