Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Best Beach Books

A teacher at my school dragged War and Peace to the beach a few summers ago. It was a disaster. Sand, sun, and 1,296 pages of complicated plots and characters with multisyllabic names just didn't work.

But maybe you are like me and you just don't do mindless. How about some titles that are somewhere past a Harlequin but just this side of Brothers Karamazov?

Here are a few possibilities.

It says it's a memoir, but I say it's a book of essays. Little essays. Little essays about things we care about.

I can't help suggesting Maira Kalman for the summer. Be prepared: it's a heavy book.

How about The Color of Magic or any of the other Discworld books?

I've been on a Michael Palin kick ever since I read this book some months back. Lots of these lovely Michael Palin travel narratives.

You knew I couldn't make a top ten list without including at least one Paris book.

Whew! Not my usual read at all, but what a ride.

Summer's a great time to work on getting better at what you love to do.

All the wonderful things we used to have in this world that we wish were still here.

We all could use a little more happiness. Let's start this summer.

And if you are set on reading a romance this summer, try this one.

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  1. The Principles of Uncertainty looks good. Great list with some interesting titles.

  2. Interesting list. I haven't read any of the books on here! Will have to check out The Happiness Project and more of Michael Palin's travel books in the future though!

  3. I think I'm going to have to try one of these Paris books you always have in Top 10 Tuesday. :-) Love the idea of the photography book.

  4. You really do love Paris - I see a theme emerging!

    I thought Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake was excellent - wanted to get more and more advice from the author.

  5. Great list! Love Game of Thrones;)

    My TTT:

  6. I love your list making. This one looks particularly thoughtful. I was surprised to see Game of Thrones there. I wonder if I'll be the only person to not undertake it. Seeing that box set is too daunting. The Anna Quindlen is intriguing, I recent read a nonfiction book of hers on London. I must get to The Happiness Project sometime too.

  7. Great selection of books. I'm a bit intimidated to read Game of Thrones!

  8. War and Peace sounds like the opposite of a beach read.

    Game of Thrones sounds like a good idea though.

    My Top Ten

  9. I listened to the Happiness Project, and while I think she did get a bit annoying at times, she did have some good tips about simplifying and prioritizing.

  10. Great list! Game of Thrones is a fantastic summer read.

  11. Nice choices! I have A Game of Thrones on my list too. I like a mix of heavy and light for my beach reads -- you've got some here that sound terrific!

    My TTT

  12. Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake is an amazing book! I'm going to add Paris in Love to my summer reading list.

  13. The Anna Quindlen looks good. War and Peace on the beach sounds like a ruined vacation to me. On my summer reading menu I don't want steak, but then I don't want cotton candy either, so it has to be something nicely in between, much like the titles you have listed here. Let's Bring Back sounds great!


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