Wednesday, January 28, 2015

X Marks the Spot

I'm a big fan of trees.
But this one had to come down.

X marks the spot.

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  1. No doubt it marks the end for that tree, leas over here if you see a red cross on one you know it's days are numbered

  2. I don't think I've seen a red X on a tree here.

  3. what a shame that such a beautiful tree will being chopped down

    . Raquel

  4. Sometimes you just gotta take 'em down. We had several tall evergreen trees removed near our home last Fall. I feel so much better that we it. At least they can't fall on the house now. :D Happy #WW!

    1. One huge branch fell last summer. It was just inches from our roof.

  5. The end is near for this beautiful tree...sorry to say...

  6. When we lived next door to y'all, the huge canopy from that tree provided the only shade for our parked cars. For that, I was grateful. But it's a hackberry, and after years of battling with one in our yard in Austin, with dropped limbs and random seedlings springing up all over the place (impossible to pull up because of their ferociously tenacious roots), I'm afraid I've lost all affection for the breed.

  7. Sad, but maybe it's too old now !

  8. I hate to see a stately tree come down, but it looks like this one has seen better days. Sad, isn't it? Think of all this old tree has seen through the years.
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