Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Characters I Liked That Were In Books I Didn't

Most commonly, the reason I don't like a novel is because I don't like the characters. I can't stand Miss Hickory. Or Zazie from Zazie in the Metro. Geoffrey Firmin from Under the Volcano. I'm no fan of the Smurfs or My Little Pony or Barbie.

Here are some characters I liked better than the stories they found themselves in:

Nancy Drew

Gentle Ben

Pippo the Fool


Anna in Anna and the French Kiss

Jemima J

Doctor Doolittle

Dimple and Rishi

Santa (in the many, many terrible Christmas stories)

I love all the characters in the Janet Evanovich books. The stories? Meh.

Have you read any books in which you liked the characters better than their stories?

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  1. I decided not to participate in this one because I rarely finish books that I don't like. And when I say don't like, I mean 'really don't like'. My reading life is too short. So, that makes the topics that go in that direction difficult for me. For example, I don't like the Stephanie Plum books. Barely made it through the first one. Barely. I could more easily come up with characters I don't like in books that I love. LOL

  2. I haven't read any of these books but a few of these are definitely on my TBR, especially Anna and the French Kiss and When Dimple Met Rishi.


  3. I've only read two books on your list - When Dimple Met Rishi and Anna and the French Kiss - and I absolutely loved everything about both of them!

    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday.

  4. I love Rishi, and I`m so glad you mentioned Dimple. She gets a fair amount of unnecessary hate.

    Carmen`s Reading Corner

  5. That's a good list; it is strange to like a character, but not the book that they are in.

  6. I've only read One for the Money, but the characters totally made the story.

    Lauren @ Always Me

  7. This is certainly an original idea for a post. Congrats on thinking it up. I sure enjoyed reading it!

  8. I know what you mean about Dimple & Rishi! I haven't read Nancy Drew or Gentle Ben since I was in grade school, but I'm sure you're right about Nancy. I know I grew out of her pretty quickly, preferring both Trixie Belden and Alfred Hitchcock's Three Investigators before discovering Agatha Christie. I prefer to maintain my soft spot for Gentle Ben by not re-reading it. Walt Morey was a patient of my mom's when she was an R.N. and signed my copy at her request.

    Very impressive job with a challenging topic!


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