Saturday, December 29, 2018

My First Book of 2019

This is the sixth year of First Book of the Year for Sheila at Book Journey. 

What is First Book? Sheila encourages everyone to pick a book to start out 2019.
The First Book of the Year should be:

A.  A coveted book that you have wanted to read but have just not found the time.
B.  A delicious favorite… one you have read before, but crave to read again.
C.  Really whatever you want it to – it is after all YOUR First Book Of the Year.
What am I reading on the first day of 2019? I think it's quite telling....

I renewed my vows to the Baking Beings last year and I hope to become a Star Baker (at least in my own kitchen) this year. 

Curious about what other people have chosen? Take a look here on January 1, 2019.


  1. That looks like a book my mom would love!

  2. I cannot argue with your choice though since BBC stopped doing the sho I stopped watching. I like looking through cook books but cannot get into reading them. 2019 I really must read my books on Britsh churches.

    1. You must read up on British churches. I love reading what you share.

  3. My husband and I recently started watching The Great British Baking Show, and love it! It's so addicting watching other people cook, haha. Good luck with your future reads and bakes!

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear? 💬

  4. How fun that there is a book to go with this fabulous TV show... enjoy!

  5. Hello! !
    Today 31st is New Year's Eve in Japan.
    New Year’s Eve is called “Oomisoka” in Japanese.
    We eat soba noodles called “toshikoshi soba” (year-crossing soba) to wish for a long lasting life. On New Year’s Eve, soba noodle shops are crowded with many people from morning till night.
    Also, a major house cleaning is done by the whole family. This major house cleaning is thought as a ritual to give a pleasant welcome to God on New Year’s Day.
    At night time, many people get together at countdown events.Others stay at home and watch television programs. The most well known one is the “Kouhaku Utagassen”, an annual singing contest.
    At Buddhist temples, huge bells are hit 108 times during midnight to get rid of all evil desires.

  6. Awesome choice! Katherine (I Wish I Lived in a Library) always mentions this show. I should watch, especially since I'm a horrible baker.

    I can cook but baking requires exact measures and temps, and I improvise in the kitchen. Anyway, previous follower, back again. I don't read most of the books you do (children's) but I do enjoy reading your posts L)

  7. I love the Great British Bake-Off but haven't tried any of their cookbooks. I'm trying to renew my love of cooking this year. Things took a hit in 2018 but I just watched the most recent season on Netflix (I'm getting used to the new judge and hosts but I still miss Mary, Sue, and Mel!) and it got be wanting to be back in the kitchen for the first time in awhile. Enjoy your reading!


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