Sunday, June 22, 2008

23 Things (Thing 23)

After a long voyage, I'm just about ready to bring my boat back on shore.

The boat is quite a bit heavier than when I started out. It's now filled with memberships to blogs and wikis and Ning and Flickr and rollyo and live mocha and Alltop and You Tube and Blinkx and SurveyMonkey and lots of other great sites.

I'm sad to be at the end of the journey.

I don't want to end the trip.

I will get back in the boat. I will try out these new tools for the rest of the summer. I will see which of these tools are not blocked at my school. I'll see which might be fun to try with kids in the library. I'll share some with teachers and see if they might like to use them with their classes.


  1. you certainly have taken your 23 Things blog to new heights!

  2. Thank you!

    I wish I had known about 23 Things earlier so that I could have shared it with teachers and librarians in my school district. Maybe next summer!


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