Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thing #4: (A Little) The King's English and (Mostly) Topaz Mountain

We arrived in Utah on Monday afternoon and where was our first stop? The King's English Bookstore in Salt Lake City. I finished two books on the plane and was desperate for more books.

(Aside: Why is it that Salt Lake is everything I thought San Francisco would be and wasn't? Kind, friendly people. Clean. Cool but not cold.)

I requested a book with a Utah (Utahan?) author and the bookshop help showed me several great choices. I ended up with A is for Arches (a Sleeping Bear children's alphabet book) and Refuge by Salt Lake author Terry Tempest Williams.

Warning: Stop reading here if you care not about life outside books.

We spent yesterday and today collecting sunstone and topaz and Apache tears. Fabulous. We'll be taking oodles of sunstone and oodles of topaz and oodles of Apache tears home with us.

Here's a video I shot of mi esposo:

Wouldn't kids love to see a video they'd created online or posted on my library blog?!


  1. Well, it just about killed me, but I finally uploaded this short video to my blog and fulfilled the requirements of thing #4. I tried and tried to upload the video here and at Facebook, but I finally uploaded it (my first video!) at YouTube and then used the embed code here.

    I'll be skipping back to thing #2 and #3 when I get back from Utah.

  2. Terry Tempest Williams is fabulous. Hope you enjoy her work. Didn't realize she was a Salt Lake author or I'd have recommended her to you before your trip.

  3. I just came across your blog today; it's great!

  4. Oh how nice to see a very familiar, wonderful bookstore on your blog when I arrived today! One of my very favorite places! Many, many moons ago I worked there! (See a post I wrote about it two years ago: ) And REFUGE is a beautifully written book. Enjoy.

  5. Sounds like you enjoyed Utah, which I'm very glad to hear! And it's very cool you found our fun little book store. I so wish it was closer to me, but it's just far enough away that I rarely get to visit it.

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