Sunday, February 20, 2011


It's Sunday. I love Sunday. Not so much today.
I'm on overload, trying to talk myself off the ledge.
I've got a g-normous stack of books to review
 (why do I finish books all at once?);
I've got scads to do to get ready
 for the book fair tomorrow;
paint all over my fingernails from yesterday's attempt
 to slap on a fresh coat on my son's former room,
an angst-y teen years' gray;
I have yeast rolls to make
 for an after church dinner with my parents;
 I'm terribly worried my Fancy Nancy clothes
 for next week's Bring a Book Character to Life Night 
are going to cause me to be renamed Fatty Nancy
 after last night's meat gorging at Fogo de Chao;
and I really want to make it to church today. Whew.

Time to remind myself of all the Happiness Principles I have learned.
Breathe. Breathe again.
Good. That's better.
 Now, one thing at a time.
 Big stuff first.
And I guess that means
I have to save my book reviews for another day.
 And my Sunday Salon blog visits.
Sigh. I'm off to the grocery store.
Hope you will stop in. I promise to visit back later in the week.


  1. Deb, I'm glad you talked yourself off the ledge! I know sometimes it's hard to remember reading is suppose to be fun! ;-) Of course adding everything else on your plate today would make me pull my hair out too!

    Enjoy your day! I can almost smell those rolls baking! And I think it's great you're going to be Fancy Nancy! I wonder if my book group would like to do "Bring a Book Character to Life night?" Do we get to see photos?!

  2. Take it easy. Don't let the pile of TBRs get to you.

  3. What a nice reminder for the rest of us who are currently running around like chickens with our heads cut off, hyperventilating because it is Sunday and that means time is running out! Hope your days goes well (and the book fair!)

  4. Whew. Sounds like you're a busy camper. Hey, we'll see you next week, lady. Try to breathe somewhere in there.

  5. Debbie you take care of you today girl! The rest can work. Prioritize and what you can't get to (blogging, writing reviews, etc.) well, they'll be there tomorrow - and the next.

    Hope you make it to church.

  6. Sounds like you've got a busy week ahead of you. :) But it looks like you have everything under control and in order. I'm sure your Fancy Nancy outfit will be precious, just be confident like little Nancy! Thank you for visiting my blog on Saturday, and following my fellow librarian right back. :D

  7. Oh, I've had days like that....

    Fancy Nancy is a great character...I have a Fancy Nancy doll that I pose next to books periodically.


  8. Wow, Debbie! That's a lot to do. I'm sure that some of those reviews can wait until later on in the week. Can you paint your son's room next week too? Take care of yourself!

  9. You are going to be Fancy Nancy?? I love her!! You MUST share a pic with us when you do it.

  10. Your post made me breathe fast just reading it, lol.
    Hope you got done what you wanted to, and were able to relax about the rest.


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