Sunday, May 22, 2011


Our public library closed a year ago March.

It's a tragedy for someone like me,
accustomed to visiting the library almost every day.

Hurricane Ike swept through our town in September of 2008.
 It caused lots of damage in our town, including,
we thought, damage to the library.
FEMA was asked to help out with the
library damage from the hurricane.
When they investigated,
FEMA discovered that water had been
leaking into the library
long before the hurricane.
FEMA was unable to help.

Last April, our town agreed to fund a project
to repair the water damage in the library.
The library shut down and repairs began.
But then, in late April, the library was hit again.
In the early morning hours,
firefighters were called to the library to put out a fire.

Fire and flood. No library. 
A year without a library.

Last Thursday, I became library-less no more.
The library reopened.

The new repaired library is magnificent.
I feel like it is my birthday.

The mayor cuts the ribbon at the grand reopening.

Punch and cookies for the guests.

A brass quartet from the college played.

Best of all: a happy smile from a child.

The Alvin Library is open again!


  1. I live in a city of ten million-we have some of the world's biggest malls but no public library-I feel so sad when I see those with Libraries may lose them -from Manila

  2. You must be over the moon, don't know what I'd do without mine. A couple of years ago my main library loved due to fire, but they used some mobile structures whilst the main was rebuilt.

  3. I love libraries! Glad yours is now open again :)
    I moved house a month ago and my new library is just so much better than the old one, I'm now a very regular visitor.

  4. I am so happy for you. It must feel like a happy birthday. I can't imagine going without a library that long. You deserve an award.

  5. I'm so happy for you. I'm fortunate enough to live within walking distance of one the branches of our public library. At least once a week, my daily walk is to the library. Often more. Yesterday my husband and I participated in a motorcycle poker run for Breast Cancer research. It was north of Denver and we went through many little suburbs. I had fun counting the small libraries that we saw. In a time when many public libraries are facing serious cuts, it made me feel good to see so many.

  6. Wow, that's such a long time to be without a library- so glad that you've got your library back.

  7. Yay congrats on the new shiny library. They are the happiest place on earth. I live just around the corner from mine and I love it so much there.

  8. Congratulations! We're looking to move in the near future and will only look at towns with a good library system.

  9. Yay! I new library, it really doesn't get much better than that for a town: books, community gathering spot, and more

  10. Way to go, Deb! I'm so happy to hear you finally have a library once more. :D No one should be without a library.

  11. It must have been horrible to be without a library for so long. I can just imagine the kids who didn't have any other place to turn for free books. Happy that your library is up and running.

  12. I can't imagine being with my library. So glad you have it back again!

  13. Wow, first I am shocked that Manila doesn't have any public libraries...

    ...but I'm glad that you got yours back, Deb. As someone who not only loves to spend time at the library voluntarily, but also someone who works at our local library, I don't know what I'd do without it.

  14. It's great to see the excitement the opening of a new library can bring! Congrats to your community!

  15. It was so sad reading your post. Then I got to the point where you mention your library was renovated and finally re-opened. I got chills... So glad to hear the good news!

  16. Oh, I am glad your story has a happy ending! Libraries are so necessary to us readers, even if we have other ways to get books.

    Back in the 70s, in California, our libraries were hit with funding cutbacks that reduced the hours of operation. Lately, things are much better.

    So glad you're back in business!


  17. Libraries are the foundation of democracy.

  18. I got chills about your library reopening! I can't even imagine not having a library. So happy for you! :o)

    Thanks for checking out my blog too!

    Mickey @ imabookshark

  19. Wonderful news! I'm glad this was a story with a happy ending!

  20. I'm so happy for you and your town to have your library back.

  21. How exciting!! Glad to hear that you have your library back!

  22. Wow, that is such a crazy story. I don't visit my library too much, but I would be sad if we didn't have one. I'm glad that yours finally opened!!

  23. Congratulations on the reopening of the library - it looks like a great celebration.

  24. You must be very happy. Congratulations to all those who put in such a lot of hard work to get it going again.

  25. Yea new library! I know I couldn't live without mine. I was just requesting some holds a moment ago.

    The Sunday Salon @ The Scarlet Letter

  26. How wonderful your library is open again. Kids need the library, I think for most it is pivotal for their imagination and creativity. I remember going everyday as a kid, it was the only place I was allowed to walk to alone.

  27. So glad to hear the Alvin library is open again. I remember going to the old location every week during the summer when I was a kid, with my frayed orange library card -- I even remember when the bookmobile from the county library in Angleton would occasionally come to town!

  28. Wonderful news. I've been library-less, and it's awful. Libraries rock! :)

  29. The best kind of celebration! So happy for you and your community.

  30. How wonderful it must have felt to walk into that library again :)
    We are facing big budget cuts again, and are hoping that service will not be too drastically reduced :(


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